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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

Title: Ergonomics
Theme: Set 1, Theme #38, Height Difference
Genres: Fluff
Pairings Represented: Sesshoumaru / Mrs. Higurashi
Word Count: 203
Rating: PG

"This just isn't working for me. I'd really feel more comfortable if you knelt or something," she said as if it was the most reasonable thing in the world to suggest. "Thinking about you bent so far over will distract me, not to mention giving me a psychosomatic crick

"I, Sesshoumaru, kneel to no one. However," he said as he picked her up, "in this instance I am willing to negotiate."

Uselessly thrashing her legs she said, "This is no good, either. I'll fret that your arms will get tired before I've finished having my way with you."

In the privacy of his own mind, Sesshoumaru quirked a virtual eyebrow. That sounds pleasing. He gently set her down.

"Lie down here," she ordered, patting his sofa.

Very pleasing. He sat down but before he could move further she had more orders.

"Maybe you should take your jacket off. It might get wrinkled," she said as she removed the garment and hung it over a near by chair. He lay down on the sofa, feet extending inelegantly off one end.

Giving a soft sigh of satisfaction, she settled down with him, mostly sprawled across his chest. "Perfect," she breathed as their lips finally met.

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