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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Mrs. Higurashi Has Big News: Words to Live By


Words to Live By
By Ouatic-7 (ff . net)
AKA Okaasan-7 (mm . org)

As her mother thumbed through the small paperback without much interest, it was obvious to Kagome she didn't know what to make of the present. "Mom, after I read this, my relationship with Inuyasha really improved. But, I don't advise letting Sesshoumaru see you reading it. I was finally able to convince Inuyasha I had it to learn how to make Kouga leave me alone.

"I really appreciate the thought," said Mrs. Higurashi, "and you know how fond I am of Inuyasha but Sesshoumaru is an intelligent, cultured person. Do you really think I need "Inside Your Dog's Mind?"

AN: crossposted to iy_no_kakera and inu_comedy

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OK, it's kind'a cute.