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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Still Missing

I have to be in Chelmsford this week, as well. The options were fly home Friday as planned and fly back Sunday, landing around 9PM with a 40 minute drive to the hotel or just stay the weekend. I opted to stay.

Friday afternoon after I spent half an hour at work, thus assuaging my conscience, I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was most enjoyable. One thing I liked was they used Dahl's lyrics. That had always pissed me off about first movie, that and making the Oompa Loompas orange when they are clearly described as brown (I understand the change but I never approved). It really is a creepy story full of disfigurements and near death experiences and Burton puts all that on the screen.

Yesterday, I caught the train into Boston from Lowell. I took one of those trolley tours where you get off and on whenever you want since I only had time for an overview. I saw the swan boats. They were not what I expected.

I also got off in Cambridge and went to the MIT Museum, having been led to believe it was just a hop, skip, and jump from the subway. They were quite lengthy specimens. The museum was good, though. Relatively small, it took me about an hour to go through, which as far as I could tell was more time than some and less than others. They had an exhibit on robotics talking about the various difficulties with many examples built on campus. There was an exhibit of holograms, most of which were quite dull but one was a movie you could make run forward and back by moving your head. There was also an art exhibit by this man who makes these very intricate electrical or manually powered machines that was quite amusing. One example was a wheel that turned and as it turned an artichoke petal walked on it. It's one of those things you have to see to appreciate. There was also an exhibit on the stop motion photography man, Edgerton I think it was. Anyway, I recommend the place.

After that. my feet were done so I didn't get off any more. There were three pigeons strutting around North Station. One was limping.

It all would have been more fun with P and/or MD to snark with.

Today, I have to move my hotel in order to be with the other folks coming in from my office and give up my car. I had three hours to kill between checking out of one hotel and checking into the next and here I am, feeding my addiction. I came into one of the corporate buildings and am borrowing a computer from an acquaintance. He did let me use it before and it is his secondary computer and I'm not downloading anything so it is OK isn't it? It's kind of creepy being the only one in the office and the lights seem to be on motion sensors (or else it is really, really creepy) but it is peaceful. One of the things I hate about coming to corporate is I have to spend all day, 12 or more hours, being with people. They are people I like but I just find being social for that long at a stretch exhausting.

Currently, I'm scheduled to be back late Thursday so I probably won't be visible until Friday. One good thing, I've done a lot of writing. I'll let you all be the judge of its worth when I finally get a chance to post.

Ciao (I always like to throw in those Continental expressions like toute de suite (my face will be quite red if that is not the correct spelling)).

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Hmpf, and there you are only an hour and fifteen minutes away from my house and not a single visit. Not that I don't have to leave for work soon anyway. MIT is where my sister works, but I have never bothered to look in at their museum. I'm pretty sure the kids have, not that they bothered to tell me.

No comments on your spelling and lack of appropriate accent signs.

The origional Willy Wonka was creepy. I've read one review claiming that this one should've been creepier. Meh.

Don't know as I'll trouble to change the rating. Look at what Weezi gets away with.

Hey, I said I was going to be close. I think Mr. Nokomarie would have enjoyed the training, though not necessarily for the concepts.

Would have enjoyed the museum. Would have sat on the floor coloring during training.

Sounds like fun - all except the 'being social' part. I simply must get up to the northeastern seaboard one of these days.

The problem is when you're traveling with co-workers the work day extends from breakfast through dinner.

Ooh, if you're in Chelmsford, you're just a skip and a jump away from Concord! *swoons* The best cheese shop I've ever had the pleasure of perusing is right off the central square in Concord, and there's also a haunted inn that serves up a wonderful burger nearby. And, of course, there's Walden Pond. <3 <3 <3

My husband used to work in Tech Square near MIT, so I know what you're talking about with the hike to the museum. *sighs* NOTHING is close to the T-stop there, except the Coop. If you get a chance to go into town again, I'd recommend Harvard Square. Toscanini's serves up the best ice cream EVER, and there's an anime store in The Garage. Oh! There's also a wonderful little indie-type movie theater near MIT that shows the best foreign films. *wistful sigh* I miss my days of working in Cambridge.

I did go to Harvard Square. The anime store in The Garage didn't open until noon and I figured J & P Gifts which is near my house was probably just as good.

Actually, the T for the Museum is Central but it's still a heck of a way.

My husband made me do Walden last summer. MD pronounced the reproduction of Thoreau's (I'm drawing a blank on the spelling here) cabin the best house tour evah.