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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Business Boondoggle

I have to pack this afternoon. I'm off to Chelmsford tomorrow, returning Friday, for my AgileLite training. I will be pretty much out of LJ touch until I get back.

It is "lite" because my company is too ponderous to implement the full Agile methodology. Not that anybody in my office believes this fad will last long.

I have an overview Tuesday then a two day class in being a "pod" leader. My office wishes they's picked some term other than "pod" for the teams, like "team". I'm neither, despite my current bulk, a cetacean nor a pea.

Went to Border's yesterday and got the current Jayne Anne Krentz (predictable fluff), a Wen Spencer (Sue and Stew) and something I don't remember the name of or the author of about an AU Japan.

Today, I need to pack some tea and burn some DVDs. We're staying at a Hawthorne Suites and the tea supply in hotels is never sufficient and is often not actually tea. On the upside, I should be able to get my water hot enough.

Anyways, I plan to write up a storm, by hand. Of course, the trick is, if I follow through, being able to interpret my chicken scratches when I get back and then typing it up. I have quite a few vignettes for Spirit Detectives vs. Sarayshiki Junion HS that I never typed up, including the ending. I could bring P's laptop but I think it will just tempt me to surf rather than provide word processing.

Mood: cynicalcynical
Tune: "Madness" by Madness

Sounds irritating. Spousal unit says it sounds fun. Spousal unit would find a trip to Seven/11 fun. Take him with you. He just needs to be dialysed three times a week.

It's actually not all that far, continentally speaking, from your place but I have to share a car with a guy from my office.

I think the training may be enjoyable but I have questions as to its worth and how they are going to get 500 engineers moving in the same direction. It will be like herding kttens except engineers are more cynical.