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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Snips and Snails

Saw the rest of Gankutsuou. The climax was definitely not canon but very operatic and very anime. At least it wasn't one of those endings where you go, "What just happened?".

Also watched the newest Inuyasha movie, the one with the island of hanyous. Didn't find it as satisfying as the sword one.  One of the problems was they just put Sess in without him interacting with any of the Inu Tachi. It was plain he was added because of his fan base and no  other reason. They should have just left him out. There was one good line. Clay!Kikyo scolds Inuyasha for not wanting to kill a clone of the original Kikyo, "an abomination" (the clone that is). I thought, "There speaks the pot."

MD is coming home from her grandparents tomorrow but I still gave her a maternal call. Very flattered,  she didn't want to hang up. She's ready to come home to her cats and parents. I told her she needs to save some conversation for the drive to Fiddle Club tomorrow.

Tune: "U.N. Me" by Animaniacs

Sigh, good thing that movie is selling for so little.