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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
In the Kitchen

Title: In the Kitchen
Theme you are basing the piece off of: Set 1, Theme #59, Ghost
Genres: not sure
Pairings Represented:Sesshoumaru and Mrs. Higurashi
Word Count: 620 or so
Rating: PG
Summary: Mrs. Higurashi has had a bad day.

Crossposted to iy_no_kakera.

It wasn't Rin's custom to drink alone but sometimes, after a day dealing with her teenage daughter, her hyperactive son, her crazy father-in-law, and the officious folk on the various Shrine committees, she needed a stiff one. Tonight it was going to be a stiff two or three or more.

The first glass went down in three long gulps as she leaned on the kitchen counter. She sat down at the table and poured herself another. This one she sipped, and started talking to her husband. Oh sure, she wasn't so far gone, just one glass after all, that she didn't know he wasn't there but she had always told him things, the important things and the things that were only important to family. "So, Haku, you wouldn't believe the day I've had.

"Last night, the shrine was attacked by meter long cockroaches. With your bat, I don't know why I kept it but good thing I did, I somehow managed to defend Souta and Mr. Nishigawa…You remember Mr. Nishigawa don't you, from the shrine board, prematurely grey and as set in his ways as an old dog. Ha! Ha! Funny I should mention that because he is an old dog. Did I tell you before? He's Kagome's friend Inuyasha's brother. Anyway, he came just as I collapsed and Souta says he took care of the rest of the bugs and the clean up.

"I woke up this morning feeling battered and sore. Some of those things got through to me, but not to Souta, and your dad was out. Souta says Mr. Nishigawa bathed me. I am sure he didn't do anything improper, why would he, he's rich and the papers always picture him with young beauties though, from his point of view, we're all young, I suppose but I've had two kids and it shows and if I was to pick the man I least wanted to see me naked, it would have been him." She paused for a breath and a sip.

"On the other hand, somehow he cleared away all of the corpses. There must have been hundreds, if not thousands, but they are all gone. And he got the painters in. When Kagome came home with Inuyasha, I didn't have to explain about the giant bug corpses and Inuyasha didn't ask either. I thought he would smell them. Maybe it was the turpentine? They didn't stay long. That probably was the turpentine. I'm glad she has Inuyasha, such a sweet boy and such cute ears, and I'm glad they didn't stay." Rin took a sip and another. "I wish he'd, I'm back on Mr. Nishigawa by the way, given me chance to pick some new colors, though. If we're painting anyway, might as well brighten the place up, right? He's as high handed as he ever was on the board.

"The scary thing, not that giant cockroaches aren't a scary thing, is we don't know why they attacked. Kagome and the shards weren't here so what did they, whomever they might be, hope to gain? Mr. Nishigawa fears it was a test and something will be back, something worse." Draining the glass, Rin poured herself another. "Mr. Nishigawa says, who would ever have thought I'd be quoting him, he didn't know Kagome well in the past, but he probably would have noticed her being as distraught as she would be if we all died so there is cause for optimism. Assuming he's not misremembering a girl he barely knew 500 years ago or prevaricating to keep my spirits up. But, there's nothing I can do about it all tonight. Thanks for letting me vent and good night, Haku." Rin went to bed.

AN: At some point I had to bite the bullet and choose a name for Mrs. Higurashi. Her name is not meant to imply that she is the reincarnation of the Sengoku Jidai Rin.

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Interesting idea. Daughter #1 has an objection to the handling of the matter. "Why no honorifics? Mister seems wrong." That's what daughter #1 says.

Nokomarie shall now go and gracefully flush herself down the toilet now. Give me a moment, it may take several tries.

Is #1 Daughter asking why I don't use -san, -chan, etc.? If so, it's because I am writing in English which I know and not Japanese of which I know just enough to know how much I don't know. About the only Japanese I will use other than proper nouns is Houshi-sama because I really haven't found an acceptable translation for that.

Regarding the second paragraph, I don't want to know.