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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
The Count of Monte Cristo re Gankutsuou

I first read The Count of Monte Cristo when I was in 3rd grade. One of my parents had to check it out for me. It was very educational. I learned how, for some poisons, one could develop a tolerance. I learned how a paralyzed person could signal messages with eyeblinks, or it could have been finger taps, I'm a little hazy at this point. I wondered who Lord Ruthven was. I ended up with a major crush on the Count.

A few years later I reread the book. I'm thinking it must have been an abridged version because afterwards I was thinking the Count was too harsh.

At college age I read it a third time and observed that the Count got each of the culprits for an evil other than what they did to him.

At a 1000+ pages a lot of the detail gets omitted when the story is translated to the screen. This brings me to Gankutsuou. P and I have watched through ep 20. The makers have made a lot of interesting choices.

For one, they started in the middle with Festivale in Venice. P thought there would be flashbacks to fill in the backstory. With four epsiodes to go this hasn't happened. My assumption is the makers figured everyone already knew that stuff and this gives them more time for the vengeance.

Secondly, the clothing is rendered in a bizarre fashion. The fabric appears still while the figure moves across it sort of like a cut-out. It takes a little getting used to. They do this with the hair, too. The expense saved on the clothing was evidently used to color the backgrounds. Sometimes in anime, the domiciles appear barren. These palaces are lush with lots of decorative elements.

Gankutsuou B Gankutsuou B



Slight Spoiler

Thirdly (some would have put this first), it is set in the future. Gankutsuou was a space alien who was in the Chateau d'If for a thousand years. The connection between him and Edmond is still not 100% clear but he evidently replaces the Abbe Faria in some way.

This is the only version I'm familiar with where there is a mech battle and it even makes some sense in the context.

/Slight Spoiler

Since it has been a quarter century or more since I last read the book there is always a question of whether a detail I don't remember is new or forgotten canon. This actually makes it more interesting. P doesn't know the story at all and is riveted.

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I read the unabridged, aircraft-carrier-sized version of TCoMC three years ago and loved it so much. I'm making my daughter read it right now - she fell over when she saw the size of the book, but she's recovered sufficiently since then and enjoys it as well.

The anime looks interesting - is it dubbed, or strictly subbed?

We have been watching the fansub but it has been licensed. The first R1 DVD is due 10-25 (my birthday!) this year.

href="http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=4194">ANN Genkutsuou page

I keep wanting Mercedes to end up with Edmond but it never happens.

I'm afraid this story has gotten mashed up in my head with everything else written by Dumas. I think if I had read just one of his books, I would have been better off. Now everything is a blur as he tended to use plot devices over and over again from novel to novel.

All I ever read were the Musketeer series, though I don't remember much about any of them except the first and MC. I skipped Camille as it did not sound at all appealing.

Forget the classics, I devoted my youth to classic trash.

But, Oautic, you see; if I had not read "Camille" as a child I would have never recognised the depth of Carol Burnett's skit on that story.

I do not snort milk through my nose for just any old joke!

OK, that's a good reason to read Camille.