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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

Thursday, my jukebox fried itself. I am spoiled. I can no longer listen to the radio. If I could just find a radio station that had no commercials and played a mix of Johnny Horton, Nick Lowe, Queen, Austin Lounge Lizards and Naruto themes I'd be happy but haven't found one so far.

Chauffeured MD to fiddle club. We had to scintillate. Took Jerry (MD's violin) in for a physical; conversed. Drove to the Botanic Garden; running out of stuff to say. I'm still in my rental which has a cassette deck instead of a CD so I grabbed up the box of cassettes I used to carry in the car 4 years ago. I left the audio to MD. "Do I have to flip this over? I can't get it in the box. Why is there no sound?"

MD wanted to do the Botanic Garden yesterday and it was 75 instead of 95 so I acquiesced. I figured, "Weekday afternoon, how busy can it be?" It wasn't packed but it was crowded enough to be annoying, my feet started to hurt and my knees were creaking like rusty gates so I whined until I convinced MD we should open the place today. I really thought that when I woke her up she would wimp out and I would be off the hook. No such luck. The upside is it kept MD from spending the day on her 'puter. The downside is it kept me from spending the day on mine.

It was gorgeous. There were people but not like yesterday. The only annoyance was the groundskeepers' leaf blowers or vacuums or whatever the heck those noisy things were. We stayed until MD was sated. and had a really nice time. I took pictures. Here is one (it's a link):

Mood: chipperchipper
Tune: "Fit as a Fiddle" by Singin' in the Rain

Nice. I spent the day in useless mode. Hogged the computer and accomplished nothing. Went out for groceries and found a cheap DVD of "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World." Shall force the kids to watch it. Bwahahahaha!!

Went out for groceries and found a cheap DVD of "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World." Shall force the kids to watch it. Bwahahahaha!! Do you give quizzes?

I'm trying to get MD to read LM Bujold so I have told her there will be quizzes.


This reminds me of when the kids found MFB's Allman Brothers Band LPs in the garage - "Mom, what are these giant CD thingys?"

Lovely picture, are those Yucca blooms? My first (and only) trip to a botanical garden was last November, when I went to Calloway Gardens. It was worth the trip just to see the Butterfly House.

I think that might actually be a prickly pear.

We live about 20 mins away (under ideal conditions) so when MD was a toddler we would take her over there to practice her mad walking skillz as a change from the local mall (January in Chicago = any excuse to get out of the house). But we hadn't been in a couple of years.