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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Let's Try This Again

Hound Dog v. 2

by Ouatic-7
AKA Okaasan-7

PG-13 for "mature" ideas.

Her lovely scent arrested his passage and drew him to her like a fisherman reeling in a trout. The bolts secreting her away from her importunate suitors could not thwart his agile fingers. It was but a moment before her beauty, silky silver hair and limpid golden pools, was revealed, further ensnaring him.

As eager as he, they spoke their passion with sighs and soft growls until finally sated, they parted, neither repining.

She couldn't reveal who had ravished her and the daimyo did not blame his darling for her defilement. However, he made sure to dispose of her misshapen mongrel offspring.

* * * *

When Kirara dropped the body next to the fire Sango assumed she was offering her catch to the communal pot but then the cat settled down to bathe the limp form. Her rough tongue roused the creature to emit a weak growl as her ministrations revealed a pitifully thin and bruised puppy.

Shippou fed the wee dog tiny shreds of fish until she dozed off. Necessities taken care of they all finally got a good look at her.

It was Miroku who first divined the truth. "Those strangely human ears, the crescent marking, and her demonic aura … Inuyasha, could this puppy be your niece?"

Concrit welcomed.

Mood: dirtydirty
Tune: "Twenties Are Here to Stay, The" by Whitcomb, Ian

Quite dirty. And better than the first try. Ask Wheezi to read it.