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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
This Weeks Photo Caption Contest

I looked at this picture and I got nothing. I wasn't the only one.

Jim: Local sprinkler waters ball field "for the kids" ???

Finally I came up with this gem which is more bizarre than humorous:

Ouatic-7: Shown here in its early days, at first the leak appeared
innocent but as the fissure increased in size and the Earth picked up
speed away from the sun we now know it as the harbinger of the End

Mood: hothot
Tune: Rasputin's HMO by Austin Lounge Lizards

Heh, one can hear the farting sound a lightyear away.

Caption: The Neoquarks, showing amazing foresight, built a Water Cannon of Death (WCOD) for use in the battle against the invading Fire-Breathing Ant-Eaters. Victory for the Neoquarkian way of life was assured...until the WCOD was struck down by the maintenance guy's lawnmower.

You win in my polling.

Now is the time to get goofy:

The fountain jet demonstrated in this picture is the remote device used in the seemingly inexplicable eye-gouging murders. Details at eleven.