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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Yukina and Kuwabara

I wonder how old Yukina and Hiei are? Hiei was already steeped in evil by the time Yusuke encountered him so I assume he had to be out of his teens. Otherwise he was awfully precocious. I think they are adults when the series begins.

If I was Yukina, there are a couple of reactions I might have on having an adolescent declare his love for me. Coming from a race that usually reproduces asexually, I would probably be squicked by the whole idea of sex, let alone sex with a male. If I had been sexually abused by Tarukane's(sp?) goons in an effort to produce tears, I would probably be worse than squicked. Even if interested in males, Kuwabara is still a child and I don't see any evidence that Yukina is a pedophile.

So, if I was Yukina, I'd just pretend I didn't understand what Kuwabara was on about and hope he'd get over it.

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