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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
How do you get the little monsters to use some common sense?

I don't get it. How can MD be so sharp and so dull simultaneously?

She was not happy with her schedule for Fall so we met with her counselor this morning (That's another question; why did I have to accompany her and miss work while P still hadn't left for the day when we got back?). She felt daunted by AP World History. We (counselor and I) did manage to convince her to stick with it.

Meanwhile, I asked her counselor for a catalog which he produced. I made some remark to the effect that we hadn't previously received one.

MD: I got one about six months ago. I threw it away.

Ouatic-7: Incoherent irate babbling.

I get that when I speak she hears "blah blah blah". On her own behalf, I would have thought she would have kept the thing. Maybe she didn't want her folks to see it for fear we would go wild with her schedule?

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Do you remember the old 'Charlie Brown' cartoon specials, where the adults would be talking and all the kids would hear was 'Mwah Mwah Mwah Mwah'?

Old Chuck Shultz was obviously a parent. I'd pass over some valium, but I used up today's supply dealing with my own two monsters. (*rants* I can not fathom how my son managed to lose his glasses at Scout Camp, because he's so blind he can't take two steps without them. When were they off of his face?)

Personally, I'm guessing MD threw the schedule away because If Mom Doesn't See It, It Therefore Does Not Exist and I Don't Have To Think About It.


And on a completly random aside - one of my RL friends teaches history at the nearby high school, and absolutely refuses to teach the AP courses. She says the lessons are too dependent on the dry textbooks, and nothing kills a love of history faster than a boring list of dates.

I couldn't figure out to spell "Mwah Mwah Mwah Mwah" or I would have written that.

Thanks much for the valium offer but I prefer my drugs tastier -- like beer.

*returns hug, slightly used*

I hope the class won't be as dry as your friend says but I sold it to her on the basis that honors would have just as many essays. Her freshman history teacher was very good. We can only hope the next one is too.

Hey there (: *hugs* It just goes to show how often I check out my profile page--I just now noticed that you friended me! *beams* Thank you very much. Therefore, may I kindly ask to friend you back? *grins*

Knock yourself out. I'm not very interesting.

What I meant to reply was "Thank you for being my friend, too." I thought we had some similar ideas from iy_no_kakera so I thought I'd add you to my stalkees.

*doesn't hug because not a hugger*