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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Weekend is Off to a Great Start

Steel Sandwich

So, I was rear-ended this afternoon causing me to rear end the car ahead of me. It was a low speed collision, nobody was hurt, but my front end was pretty badly scrumpled and the the noise I was hearing when I drove it 'round the corner to get it out of traffic was not a nice one. Also, my car, having two impacts, has the most visible damage.

So the nice policeman asked the guy who I hit if his car was drivable and he asked the girl who hit me if her car was drivable but he didn't ask me. So I go and say that my car is making a funny noise and I'd rather not drive it any further. He says they can tow it but I won't have use of it over the weekend 'cause it's Friday. No, duh. I wasn't going to drive it on the weekend because it was making a funny noise. That's why I wanted it towed.

It's is amazing how stressful even a fender bender where one is not at fault can be.


So, Bachan has died. This is somewhat upsetting because she seemed like a very admirable person. However, of course, it is all about me. The Hero 21 board is full of condolences so I can't resubmit the question I had that bounced from Yahoo yesterday because I will look totally crass. Which I am but I am trying to preserve appearances. I feel I should send my condolences too.

So I need to write a condolence of some nature, which will, in fact, be sincere. She has been missed for the last year or more she has been ill but I am hampered by my innate honesty and not wanting to write "she's gone to a better place and how ennobling suffering is." Bullshit! She's dead leaving an enormous hole in her family's lives and smaller holes in her, RL and E, friends' and acquaintances' lives.

Now, if I can just say that in a socially acceptable manner. Heck, they live in Evanston, I could go to visitation but then I wouldn't have a chance to censor myself.

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Tune: "Oogie Boogie's Song" by Nightmare Before Christmas

Uh, very easy. You just wrote your condolence in your last paragraph but one. Just take out all references to yourself, since you didn't know her and clean up the English a bit and there you are.

You don't have to send one though. Life goes on.

Ech about your car. Never had that happen. I would rather not. I really need my car.

The post I'd sent to Hero 21 that I thought bounced showed up this AM and now I expect I'm an insensitive clod even though I sent it Thursday morning. I discovered I was on moderation even though I had been a member for a year and a half. I'm assuming it was because there is some minimum number of posts to vet and I had only made 1 prior to this month.

With decent car insurance, I've heard horror stories about cheap insurance at work, a rental is covered. I will call the car place in a bit. My only fear is that I was being paranoid but that noise was disturbing and I did need body work.

I should have taken a picture with my Palm.

Actually did have a spammer in there a couple of months ago.