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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

Saw Batman Begins this evening and it was very good. Not very quippy. Some of the best, and funniest to my twisted mind, moments were Batman attempting stunts that an older, more experienced Batman could handle with ease, and flailing around crashing into stuff because, hello, newbie.

Some interesting trailers:

Serenity -- This looked fantastic. From what I could gather in the trailer, the story focuses on the hunt for River and why the Big Bads are so keen to get her back.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory -- Wonka looked kind of pasty, as did the Oompa Loompas but the trailer teases me into thinking this will carry out my Dahl's vision the way the Gene Wilder version failed to do.

Sky High -- Same old super hero high school with a 'Ganbatte!' message but super dad is Kurt Freakin' Russell and I've had a thing for him since his Disney days. I didn't recognize the (initially) superpowerless son but he seemed adequate.

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Tune: "You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three Tonight" by big bad voodoo daddy

So where does Batman rank? I don't see movies very often, and was most disappointed with Star Wars III

- Full theatre plus popcorn price

- Full theatre, no popcorn

- Matinee price only

- Wait for Pay-Per-View/DVD Release

- ABC Movie of the Week and TiVo in order to avoid the commercials

I never pay full price. partly because I am chintzy and partly because I get up at 5AM and if I go to the cinema in the evening I'm afraid I'll sleep through the movie, and partly because, unless you are seeing a kid movie or you get a theater full of seniors, matinees are less crowded.

Pop corn is too expensive. I did get Milk Duds however, also expensive.

The best part of SWII as far as MD and I were concerned was the post-cinema snarking. We have not as yet seen it but plan to repeat that for SWIII.

To answer your question, Batman Begins is worth full ticket price. No movie is worth full ticket price plus popcorn.

I am a Batman fan going back to Adam West and a DVD addict. I never bothered to buy the George Clooney movie but I will probably buy Batman Begins.