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I  am a big fan of  HiBob. He's your goto guy for Harry Potter x Malcolm in the Middle. His most recent work,  The Three Witches, is Harry Potter x Disc World x Worst Witch x Joe 90 with elements from sundry others.

Here's my review for the end chapter:

So, when can we expect the Harry Potter/Disc World/Worst Witch/Joe 90/Star Trek/Malcolm in the Middle crossover? Mildred and James Kirk seem like they would be very sympatico (asking the impossible to answer question) though she is a little young for him to be carrying on with.

Well, HiBob did an epilogue and threw in an "extras" chapter which included the aforementioned HP x DW x WW x Joe 90 x ST x Malcolm story. He's done better but I was still very excited.


Yesterday was the first day of Monster Daughter's vacation, the first she hasn't had camp or a similar activity scheduled. She got so bored she washed her sheets.


I had a big long story about trying to order something online yesterday only to have to phone the order in to get the thing delivered to my office. But writing it would only raise my BP and reading it would be very dull.

Good news is I think the order is hunky-dory now.

Rémy Julienne-y:

Driving MD to her violin lesson, one lane was marked off with cones yet showed no signs of construction. It was very tempting to slalom around the cones. MD thought so, too. Maybe it is from watching too much Initial D. After all, I have an Impreza, almost like Bunta.

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