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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
I Thought Beer and Milk Duds Would Do It


I got two reviews that were vaguely negative (like I don't write them myself) and I get all defensive!

The review of Mrs. Higurashi Has Big News:

Title: (snork!)
Hojo as Jaken? That's a new one, and muchly chortleworthy. ~~~ A bit simplistic, too much capitalization, but it is highly amusing to see Sesshoumaru-as-superlover paired with someone who's not Kagome.

The review for Impossible (I have to come up with a better title):

 Title: Yeah, but...
This is very elegant, but its poetic air is easily pushed away. This is a theory set in music, and not a story. It's an idea for a story.

To the first I say, "But it's a drabble!" and to the second I say "Yes, it's an idea for a story that Rumiko Takahashi is writing". At least the reviewer thought Mrs Higurashi was funny. But why can't I be more mature like black_lavender who I dissed just this evening.

I guess I still have room to grow as a person. Darn!

But, Mrs. Higurashi is correctly capitalized! Naah, naah, naah!

Mood: distresseddistressed

Interesting. They appear to be stylistically similar.

Well, yeah. They were from the same individual. I just deleted the name as not germane though maybe it is as it is an author who I enjoy.