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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Ode to a Litter Scoop

OK, this isn't really an ode because I don't do poetry being meter-impaired. But I really, really love my litter scoop. We got the cats in April of 2002 after being catless since 1990.

I equipped myself with the widest scoop they had at PetsMart. It broke in 6 months, so did the next and the next. They just weren't up to chiseling off caked on stuff. "Well, Ouatic-7, old bean" I says to myself, "you need a better litter scoop. To Google!"

This is what I found:

Ne Plus Ultra Litter Scoop

I loved my beautiful gleaming aluminum tool on sight and I still do, a year and a half later. Caked on litter kowtows before it. 

NOTE: This is not a paid endorsement. It's just that every day when I do the litter I revel in my awesome scoop.


Funny what we appreciate, isn't it?

*Lovingly pats her 1972 Bostitch Stapler*

Don't laugh - I use my stapler several times a day, and it completely blows the el cheapo plastic modern ones out of the water. Never jams, either.

My husband swears by his elderly Acco and says the exact same thing. I pooh-poohed him until I bought a slick looking new one that didn't staple. One of the things I inherited from my folks is an Ace 102 which might be 20 years old or is might be 70 years old (Ah, the powers of Google) but works a treat.

You don't really notice a good tool unless you've used a bad one first.

might be 20 years old or is might be 70 years

Gah! Damn no edit!

might be 20 years old or is might be 70 years