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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Photo Caption Contest 6/10


This year's most popular Halloween costume - Darth Banana Klan!


"Fear Factor `jumps the shark' with Human Sewer Torpedo episode. NBC denies cancellation imminent"


As Billy climbed in his sleeping bag for the night his fellow tentmates were forewarned by the gas mask - tonight's franks and beans would be making an encore appearance. (Official Winner)


Carol models her new parental protective pod with gas mask accessory. Cheerful yellow no-stain vinyl attracts infant while preserving Mom's apparel.



Maybe you should've put your photo as your icon. Considering the icon, I was pretty confused by this.

The photo, however...how 'bout, "Technical assistant Maggie had her doubts about her role in demonstrating the use of the new radiation suit, CMPF47."

How did you come up with "CMPF47"?

I don't pick the photo. This is something we do at the office and I was hoping that by posting here I could steal  would be inspired to have a good idea.

I suspect it's the first part of the most recent lot number for Tubersol I had to write down. Steal away, if you like it.