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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Grenadier, Hohoemi no Senshi -- Episode 7: Well Then, to Tento

Source: BitTorrent

Paul and I watched episode 7 last night but I slept through it. I'm sorry. I'm old. We came home after a good dinner at Dave's Italian Kitchen in Evanston and I sat down in a comfy chair and nature took its course.

Sunday morning is my TV orgy time. I get up at my regular time (4:30ish to 5:30ish) and get the laundry started. While I do the laundry I can indulge myself in telly without interruptiions from my family. It's OK to ignore the washer until an opportune moment.

So, anyways... I watched it again this AM. Yajirou, Rusyuna and Mikan head off to the capital. Mikan is warned to keep an eye on Yajirou because he fought for the rebels last year. Yajirou is concerned about how a wanted woman will get past the guardposts at the borders. That turns out to be easy. The guards know they are outclassed and put up only a token resistance plus Mikan brings out her turtle balloon that is made of diamond(?!).

[SPOILER]Meanwhile it is revealed that the Tenshi is being held prisoner and it is the conspirators who have put the bounty on Rusyuna.[/SPOILER]

Yajirou, who has become my favorite character, doesn't get to do much. Another Enlightened comes after Rusyuna but its the same old, same old.