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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Help Wanted

I want to get MD a new yukata for her BD. Any suggestions of where to shop?

The only way I can read that is "Captain Jism". Please tell me I'm wrong.

While the kettle was boiling this morning -- takes about 15-20 minutes -- I went for a walk, about 6:10 AM. At the far end of the loop, there was a body under a tree. I did not investigate closely in case it was someone sleeping of a drunk or something. As I walked home I started to fret that I should have investigated more closely in case the individual needed help. And it rained a good bit of last night so even under a tree the ground was probably pretty unpleasant.

At home, I took pilgham his coffee and discussed the person with him. We decided I should get in the car and go check it out again. I went, and the guy was still there, lying on his stomach with his arms inside his t-shirt. At this point, about 6:30, there were a few people out including a woman walking a small foofy dog.

In the end, I did nothing. From my not very clode vantage, I didn't see any signs of carnage and I didn't want to call the police to roust him if it was just some poor kid that got kicked out of the house. Plus I figured, th eold lady with the dog was bound to call the police.

So, do I fail as a person? If this ever happens again, what is the proper procedure? And, no, I am not going up to poke a strange young man.

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Do you have any kind of J-Town in your vicinity? I can usually find decent yukata at the big Japanese markets here; if you have a Marukai store that might be a possibility.

No J-town in Chicago and the local Mitsuwa doesn't carry clothing.

I was thinking of online.

Ah, sorry, can't help you in that case. I'm tall enough that I don't buy yukata unless I can try them on or at least hold them up to me first. The mid-calf look ain't pretty.

Mid-calf is more convenient for going up and down stairs. Also MD is only 5'3".

Then she should fit into Japanese styles pretty well. I'm 5'8".

http://www.jun-gifts.com/specialcollections/yukatakimono/yukatakimono.htm. It's well-made stuff and has all the fun of being direct from Japan.

Taking the trouble of driving by to look at some guy's prone body without calling from the safety of the car to ask if he needed help seems a little cold but no doubt some nosy parker has handled matters by now.

No, you're right. More than a little cold.

Thanks for the link.

I agree. All I'm getting from that is Captain Jism.

Glad it's not just me.

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Mucho thanks for the mucho links.

You were scared. People don't always do the 'right' thing when they are afraid; I certainly don't. I might have reacted the same way.

"We decided I should get in the car and go check it out again."

Didn't he offer to go with you? That would have made me more afraid, not less. When in doubt, get your cell phone, call 911, and damn the consequences. They will tell you what to do.

P dressed at 6:30AM? That is too laugh.

I'm sure he would have come with if I had asked but I hadn't had my first tea nor he his coffee so neither one of us was totally on the ball.

I'm not much of a morning person either.

Seems like one of those situations where having a dog and a really long stick would come in handy.

I bet the owner of that Isuzu was going for just such a snap-and-ponder reaction with it. Even more curious: guy or girl driving?

I couldn't tell you if the driver was male or female.

Yeah, a big doggy kiss or a bark would have resolved my quandary.

No, that's the way I read it, too.

As for the body under the tree, I've heard a lot of stories about people who lie on the ground and when someone comes over to help, the person's companions jump out and rob and/or assault the good Samaritan. So, no, I don't think you necessarily fail as a person. Next time I would call the cops, though.

I will figure out the local cell emergency number and add it to my phone.

Couldn't hurt. The life you save might just be your own.

Meh, if similar happens just call the popo next time because you can't count on anyone else to necessarily do the right thing either. The old lady with the dog probably took care of things.

I was hoping she would.

As for the Yukata, I'm coming up blank, but post a picture when you find it.