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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Comment on this Morning's Commute

Jaguar makes station wagons?

It looked like a Taurus.

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I did a little googling and found out that Jaguar calls it a "Sport Wagon" and apparently it's been discontinued due to poor sales, but yeah, there is such a thing as a Jaguar station wagon. It's not surprising it looked like a Taurus, it's based on a European Ford wagon.

I had a full size wagon for years, a Taurus in fact, and I much prefer my compact sport wagon. I had no luck finding what makes it a "sport" wagon.

I've always wished for a Jag. If my wish were finally granted and I found a station wagon parked in my driveway, I'd be pretty pissed.

Me too. Especially when the reviews of it feature words like "clunky" and "under-powered."

But it has a spiffy leaping kitty!

So do I. This morning she leaped from the kitchen counter, where she was investigating the butter dish all the way to the sewing table.

I picture the one from E. T. Still, what do you need power for, it's a station wagon!

I need power to get on the expressway and dart in and out of traffic.

a need for speed, you sound competitive.

A need to stay alive...

Plus there's that lead foot...

The way you wrote Speedracer, not surprised.

I wouldn't mind a wagon as long as it wasn't full size and had AWD. I don't feel my Jag should be a step down from my Subaru.

Hm, well maybe a Jag wagon wouldn't be a step down from our Hyundai Minivan, I should look at the wagon before I say mine is better.

*executes Google-fu*

*wrinkles nose*

In its favour, it isn't as ugly as a Nissan Cube, but it appears to have been AWOL the day style was handed out in the design deparment!

At least the Cube is making a statement; the Jag is just being sheepish.

the Jag is just being sheepish

Or bullish, since I think it's built on a Ford Taurus platform.