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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Hats Ahoy! & Mystery Solved!

As instructed by my fortune,

Build Captain!

Indy/Roy Chapman Andrews?

Plus, I think I know what the ULO was from a few weeks ago. We went to the same restaurant for lunch yesterday and after went to get close-ups. According to the scary signage -- "Don't mess with this or people will DIE!!!!" -- it has something to do with Air Traffic Control so I'm thinking it is a beacon.


What happens when you are sitting behind a tree and taking pictures of fireworks without a tripod.


The Indy hat looks pretty good, maybe better with a wider brim? Your flower close-up is great!

I like taking pictures of flowers because they aren't camera shy.

I agree, the Indie hat not only looks fantastic, but you have the added bonus of cracking a whip!

Considering my general ineptitude, probably cracking it on my own hide.

What happens when you are sitting behind a tree and taking pictures of fireworks without a tripod.


Is "awesome" a new synonym for "squiggles"?


The squiggles are awesome. Very pretty.

A fedora is always a classic, and never goes out of style. Good choice.

*puts on her sombrero*

The sombrero, another classic!

And, by the way, Happy Birthmorrow!

Red-headed son votes for the Royal Navy version, but says that you deserve a cockade and a plume. Hubby immediately checked his closet because it appears that you pinched his equally aged Indy fedora.

Pretteh flowers, and nice sky-squiggles!

The thing does have a place to insert a plume. Md Has a fedora very similar to mine (and your hubby) except smaller and with a snake and spider on.


How did I miss this? I like the fedora...

You don't think I'm the Hornblower type?

You could be, but you need to be closer to shipping lanes (and a ship) for it to really work its magic.

Good to know about the ULO too; it keeps crossing my mind every now and again. I wonder if there are others? They must be scattered across the country. Maybe O'Hare has the leading edge in air traffic control. They're certainly busy enough.

I think I'm now even more curious. as opposed to puzzled.

I sort of feel the same way. Why Vernon Hills? Why is that the only one I've seen?

and why has no one who read your entry seen one? Things like that make me think of Area 51, etc.

Military secret out in the open until *you* took the pic and posted on the Internet. That sort of thing.