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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Tonight's Fortune

From dinner cookie: Try a new hat for change in looks. Be Creative!


i wish it was that easy! tho i look stoopid in hats....

I actually like hats but the ones I like tend to be men's.

Maybe it's time to buy that pith helmet I was lusting after...

lol. ok. and i'll buy this one!

Very fetching, I'm sure.

Get the Aretha Franklin inaugural hat! That would change anybody's look.

Not my style...

I'd be more likely to wear a fedora to be like Indy.

I like the way fedoras look on other people; on me they look dorky. I do better with something with no brim or a very small brim, or a big brim that curves down

I expect I look dorky in a fedora as well but it wouldn't stop me.

Then go for it! Hey, if it makes you feel like Indiana Jones, it's gotta be a good thing.

This means you can't wear old hats anymore, very limiting.


What about ones from garage sales? They would be new to me.

[sung to the tune of the "Mickey Mouse Club" theme song] P-E-D-I-C-U-L-O-S-I-S!

My neighbors just left for Chicago. If I were more thoughtful, I'd have thought to send you my bright pink baseball cap (I'm sure they would have loved to run errands for me while there).

Pink so not my color...

The fortune cookie demands the newness of it.

True, true.

I adore hats, particulary swoopy-brimmed, garden-party types just begging for a floral decoration... mainly because I look ridiculous in baseball hats.

I have foofy hair so that probably goes double for me. But I like the idea of hats.

Hey, those are my kind of hats too, and here in the high-UV desert southwest, that's a good thing.