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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Unidentified Landed Object

I can't find this thing on any aerial views of where I thought I saw it...

Current Location: in front of Asmodeus
Mood: nerdymystified

Whatever it is, it's pretty cool looking.

P actually did manage to find it on the aerial view but we are no more informed as to what its purpose is.

UN-sized mattress.

Box spring maybe, looks kind of rigid.

Is it sitting all by itself or is there other stuff around it?

Athletic fields and a corporate center are by it.

It looks like a solar panel array with a penis.

Concur on the penis.

I think it is some sort of antenna but P complains that it isn't dish shaped.

Since is near an athletic area I thought it might be something to do with Jumbotron panels, but no. It does look like it could be some kind of antenna but I don't get why the face of it is made up of many dark rectangles (or squares).


You should search the seas for lost treasure while you're at it. That does look very weird.

That would only work if we could drive around the seven seas on our way back from lunch.

You know, the fellows who search the seas using google Earth or something like that. One of em found Atlantis, you know.

So where is it? I've been wondering where I left it.

It's like that guy who had his wallet returned 63 years later, isn't it?