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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

Chauffeuring pilgham to and from work again this week.

Tests came back pointing towards asthma so he's on an inhaler now and not sure if it is working.

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astham makes you faint? o.O?

i'm glad you're driving him though. i know it's a pain for both of you but it's really the right thing to do. keep us posted and hang in there!

Coughing when you are extremely heavy can make you faint (see Pilgham) and, apparently, sometimes asthma presents as coughing.

Asthma. Well, that's good, in a sense. At least it's not something worse. I hope they find a working medication for him soon, though.

Seconded on finding a therapy that works.

I've had a lot of trouble that was diagnosed as asthma so I've used several different things, but mainly: Albuterol inhaler and nebulizer for rescue breathing, and Azmacort for...I don't know what they call it, long term healing?

It's all a pain. I've got a billion different breathing/coughing meds in my cupboard. At least I didn't have coughing syncope that I know of. I'm sorry you're both going through this.

Thanks! I'm not much for enduring so I hope we can get this cured or at least dealt with.

*raises hand* Two spawn with mild asthma, hubby in denial that he's the genetic link between them and asthmatic granny... although he sneaks red-headed son's Ventolin inhaler before he goes out with his running group.

A lack of oxygen makes the body have odd reactions. If he stops having these breathing fits, then the inhaler is working.

Well, he didn't wake me at 3 this AM with a coughing fit. That's a positive step. For both of us.

Interrupted/poor sleep is one of the symptoms of asthma. In the red-head's case, he virtually stopped growing, until the meds allowed him to stay asleep deeply enough for the growth hormones to release. The lack of sleep made his anxiety/depression much, much worse; everything's smoothing out now... just in time for the teenage angst hormones to kick in! Oi!

But now when he angsts it will be "normal"!

I am cautiously optimistic that I can cope with 'normal' angst.

I am undoubtedly delusional.

Insist it isn't. The truth is worthless.

All very worrisome. Such an unusual reaction, even in a heavy person.

Yeah. Worrisome is exactly it. He has a follow up on Friday and I'm trying to convince him that I should go too.

That would be a good idea.

Om, looked back and saw the trouble with Plgham. I can't believe he kept that from you, guess he was trying to give you a panic attack driving around town trying not to cough. Glad you and he have got a handle on the situation but I'm sorry you have to chauuffer all the time. Cuts into good computer time.

P insisted on driving himself yesterday and apparently didn't kill anybody. It was sweet to be back on my schedule and back to my 'puter.

However, he says if I'm insisting on going to his MD appt tomorrow I should drive him -- I was planning on working from home but I guess that's not happening.

Well, you are insisting, after all. glad to hear you're back in Asmodeus's saddle again.

And SO? How is he doing?

At last Friday's appointment, P was prescribed steroids for his lungs which helped immensely. that therapy is continuing in order to allow his lungs to heal up. Anyways, he's feeling much better, humming even, and I don't have to drive him!

Sorry for being non-responsive. When I get stressed I go curl up into armadillo mode. Then I get cramps and have a hard time coming out of it. I'll try to do better.

I tend to clam up myself.