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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Pretty Flowers 'n' Stuff

MD and I went to the Chicago Botanic Garden Friday. Despite what the propaganda said, not much was in bloom. But we still had a pleasant time.

MD was very patient with me as I screwed around with my camera taking these pictures:


Purple Tentacles

MD and Purple Tentacle

I found these squared off trees soemwhat creepifyin'

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Mood: gloomygloomy that the weekend is over and I didn't accomplish a damn thing
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I'm glad you put the picture of MD in to give some scale to the purple tentacle flowers. She doesn't exactly look happy to be so close the them, though.

I think it's more having to have her picture taken than the flowers. But she was a good child.

She was a good child.

What were those purple tentacle flowers, anyways? o.O

Wow! MD's hair is so long! She's a good sport, yes, she is.

OOOooo! Ranunculus! *wants*

I never know the flowers names.

Is the ranunculus the orangy edged ones?

Yes, the frilly, orange-edged flowers are ranunculus (ranunculi?). I haven't had much luck in growing them in my garden, so I lust desperately for them.

Yep, right above the squared off shrubbery

Very pretty. MD looks like she's almost going to grin. Walking around a botanical garden is certainly better than staying inside.

No matter what I'm taking pictures of I get the best result with the point and click setting. Thank god.

I'm sure she's grinning on the inside.

I agree on the point and shoot but sometimes I like to play with depth of field.

It appears that MD was super impressed with the purple tentacles. She can barely contain her excitement.

She's just resting here, a respite from bouncing up and down like a terrier.


On a side note, her hair is getting so long.

It's waist length.

She doesn't think that is long.

The purple tentacles and creepy, squared-off trees look like something out of Labyrinth. No talking puppets anywhere, were there?

Didn't see any puppets...that I noticed.

But MD could totally take Jareth.


If Jennifer Connelly could take Jareth as a flighty teenager, I have no doubts about MD.

But I'd totally watch that movie. I bet there'd be blood. XD

*cackles happily*

Wow, the only flowers I recognize are the poppies. I'm thinking none of those other things grow South of the Mason-Dixon. I love that orange-yellow flower at the bottom.

The square-topped trees are nowhere near as terrifying as the topiary in the gated communities the kudzu around here.

You may have observed that the only flowers I recognized were poppies. And for all I know, I got that wrong.

Feni and Takadai_no_tora tell me that the orange yellow flowers are ranunculus.