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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
By the By...

Current Location: in front of Asmodeus
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Eh... whut?

*tilts head one way, then the other*

An amusement park?

Bizarro! Okay, I see your Pisan homage and raise you one Pysanka.

Oooh! I'd like to see that! Especially with the turning and stuff.

The guy spent years fiddling with computer simulations to get the design elements just right. That takes dedication... or mild insanity, not sure exactly which.

that's very strange

Which one? The Pisa or the Egg?

Very cool, especially since there are probably more Ukrainians in Canada than in Ukraine.

Judging by the number in Chicago, the Ukraine's a nice place to be from.


I've never actually been there, just driven by.

i suggest you stay clear....

I wonder what kind of person would have such a goal.

Well, Niles is the sister city of Pisa.

It's not really any different than making your hotel a pyramid or putting your diner in a giant coffee pot is it?

Ooops. I missed the sister city part when I read the Wikipedia link. OK, that makes sense then.

I thought it was more of a Foshay Tower kind of a deal. My dad used to work there and it was always kind of an enigma to me.

I hope that html worked...

I know where to stay in Minneapolis now. I think the building sounds lovely; I've always liked art deco.

As to why it looks like the Washington Monument... well, maybe the reason Foshay failed at art was he wasn't very creative?

I loved the bit about music lovers repaying Sousa's estate so the piece could be heard again.

I moved in 1980 so I missed a lot of activities subsequent to that. When I was a kid I was there almost every Saturday with my dad. I had swimming lessons at the MAC which at the time was a men's club. They let women swim before noon on Saturdays. Afterward I would go to my dad's office and wait for him to finish his work and drive me home.

The MAC is another place you may want to stay. It looks as if they've maintained the standards of luxury.