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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Some Fics

I loathe Death Note but I love One Piece  so it was with mixed emotions that I approached this Death Note/One Piece crossover:

Life Note

It's more of a ficlet than a story and I didn't find it emotionally satisfying -- Light survives -- but I did think it was interesting and worth a read.

Another crossover -- yes, I'm pervie that way -- I've been following is:

A Godfather in Gotham

It posits, "What if Bruce Wayne was Hermione Granger's godfather?" In the first four chapters there hasn't been any real antagonist but I think chapter four has a nice set up so, hopefully, one will be appearing.

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Really it is more the fandom that I hate -- the fans I have met in person think Light is on the right track rather than a psychotic serial killer.

I live in Illinois which, you may have heard, ended up putting a hiatus on executions because so many of our death row inmates ended up being exonerated. Light starts out with executing prisoners and accused criminals and it pisses me of how anyone can live here and believe accusation equals guilt.

I do think, from what I have seen of the manga and anime, that the story brings out that Light is an evil megalomaniac bastard but he is still the protagonist and I have no interest in spending time with him.


Both the DN anime and manga make no bones about Light being evil. It is one of the things I like about it. I'm not much of a fan but since Rachel was (fanatically), I made a point of watching it and reading the manga she bought.

Light is the main character but the story is about how morally corrupt he is and it doesn't glamourize him in any way. It's an intricate plot and well thought out. I'm not a fan because it is so relentlessly depressing.

Only really stupid people (or the very young) would regard Light as any kind of hero or even anti-hero. Rachel pointed out that the only people she's ever seen cosplay Light (admittedly a limited number at best) cosplay the Light from the handcuff arc, and although you see many solo Ls, Matts, and Mellos, you rarely see a solo Light.

ramble, ramble...kind of disturbing that my 16 year old notices things like who wears the handcuffs.

I think this is the first time I actually 'get' the Tactics icon. Rachel watched it this summer and I missed the beginning but watched most of the rest of it with her. I agree with the OTP. Muu and Sugino are such a kick.

I'm going to bookmark the fics. I'm pervie a bit that way too. ;)

It's possible that at least one of the people who was Light fan-boying was just pulling my leg It was also while ago so the story probably hadn't progressed that far.

However, MD and I were both put off by the sample chapters they had in Shonen Jump

You know, I tried to read the manga online at first and it was so tedious it was almost painful to read. All those DN rules commingled with Light's thoughts, it was just bad. It got scheduled on Adult Swim about the same time so I watched it with Rachel.

The only thing good about it was that it moved more quickly. It didn't actually get interesting until the series was half over. By then I had invested enough time in it that I wanted to see the disintegration of Light's character.

I'm glad I watched it, it helped me understand whether Rachel was viewing with a critical eye, but man, it was depressing. She was only watching it because she got into the fanfics involving the good guys in the story. Not much was ever really said about their pasts so it was fertile ground since that was the only really intriguing part of the work.

If I hadn't familiarized myself with it I would have banned it from the house. I think I read it online before I saw it in Jump. I'm just glad the fangirling is over. Yeeesh. o.0

I don't know the first two really but the HP/Gotham crossover sounded nifty! Is FF.net's new feature making it easier to find new ones?

I subscribe to a comm that caters to my kink: crossoverfic.

Looking for crossovers on FF.net always puts me in a rage because of all the nitwits who say in their summaries, "This is original and I didn't know where to put it so I put it in crossovers," or "There was no category for this so I put it in crossovers."

So what's the new feature? I don't go to FF.net all that often.

Edited at 2009-04-27 04:46 pm (UTC)

They list any crossovers in either category now (like it'll appear at the top of the page if you go to Inuyasha, for ex) and I think the search option for crossovers has been improved - um, I really don't know much more than you I suppose.