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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
"Bruce" is Still My Name

I may not have mentioned this previously but pilgham and I are Bruce Campbell cultists in a minor way -- I only have the one Ash action figure.

Knowing this, MD selected My Name is Bruce for last night's movie. Directed by Bruce Campbell, it stars Bruce Campbell as the actor Bruce Campbell who is shanghaied off to the sticks to battle Guan Di who guards the dead and tofu. Lest it sound like a vanity picture, the actor Bruce Campbell is pretty vile.

Not quite as funny as it sounds, chiefly because the actor Bruce Campbell is so irredeemable, but still fairly entertaining.

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Tune: Guan Di is His Name

OMG i don't understand this post...


Is it because of the coincidence that the character portayed by Bruce Campbell is named Bruce Campbell and has appeared in most of the same movies?

um no. it's... well. all of it:)

You need a Suffering Bastard from the nearest Chinese restaurant of your choice, then think about it.

I'm a headhunter man, myself.

What? You won't share a volcano bowel with me?

Frankly, I'd rather not.


I want nothing to do with bowels of any nature.

If that makes me elitest...

the mere scent of rum makes me ill. college mishap.

I love Bruce Campbell and this movie is actually next on my netflix list... lol

It's definitely not to be missed even though I didn't enjoy it as much as I expected to.

I understand the god of tofu guarding the dead but why should I feel good about about it?

Because he's diligent?

And vicious.

Neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of night nor somewhat iffy heroes stays a guardian deity from swift completion of his victims?

So...the whole thing is a reliability issue. Fine. Tofu and the need to protect the dead from demons is a thing that must be done.

I could have sworn there was another My Name is Bruce movie out in the 80s. Of course I can't find it now.

That vid clip is funny. Catchy song too.

It may have been the 70s. I did find a couple of possibilities:

My Name Called Bruce -- This stars Bruce Le, a Korean Lee knock off.

But I think we were thinking of:

They Call Me Bruce? with Johnny Yune.

I should have done more than eliminate Campbell from the search terms. I think you're right. My ex was a movie buff and on the weekends we'd watch at least 3 movies a day. I don't quite recall much about it other than it being surprisingly amusing.

Ed's a fan as well. I'll have to rent MNiB for us to watch, since you say so. (I didn't realize he was also that guy in Burn Notice!)

He's everywhere!

Actually BC is the only reason P watches Burn Notice.

I called Ed and told him about Burn Notice and BC (amoung other things) and he doesn't believe me.


What is there not to believe? That Bruce Campbell is still working?