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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
This and That and the Other Thing

Dang! I bought a new toy with the tax refund last Saturday. It arrived Thursday and I assembled it this morning. It's great except the left foot rest is busted so I gotta get them to send me a replacement. Thing is still useable, though.

This afternoon, I am off to Dragonball with my anime group. Hopefully there will be snarking opportunity after.

Last night's movie was Get Smart, much, much more enjoyable than that Coen Brothers monstrosity.

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that takes uninformative to a new level.

Nelson, at least you make sense.

I don't think anyone's said anything like that before!

I didn't want to overshare.

So was this some sort of machine like the dude was building in "Burn After Reading"?

What Conen Bro movie?

BAR was the Coen Brothers.

The toy is one of these jobbies:

Make of it what you will.

Where's the whooshy-handle-thingies that allow you to row to China?

Their hooked on the handle-thingie-holder so they are in easy reach when you are ready to row to China.

Ugh! Broken new toys are like not having batteries on Christmas morning!
Not fair!

Dragonball? Hope you had a good time. I've not seen originals in a long time!

Fortunately for me, I've never seen the originals!

Chow Yun-Fat was good, as usual. James Marsters was unrecognizable. A big complaint by the aficionados in the group was that Goku is supposed to be lighthearted not a big broody pants.

But, would you recommend DB? The red-head wants to know.

...a big broody pants

Whut? Goku? Piccolo, maybe, but not Goku!

Going by what the DB aficionados said, if you are a fan wait 'til DVD so you can pause frequently and complain about this and that.


That good, huh? Did Goku go all 'alien-gorillaz-stomp' when he saw the full moon at the very least?


MD was debriefing me last night and, apparently, a whole slew of important characters, like Goku's bestest bud and Pigsy? Oolong?, were omitted.

I liked Get Smart too. How frustrating about the new toy! I hope they ship your replacement part quickly.

Pilgham was glad when Get Smart ended because he thought he was going to rupture something. I didn't enjoy it quite that much but it did not suffer in comparison to the original. They did an awesome job of updating it.

My big complaint was not enough Patrick Warburton. I'm supposed to dig up Bruce and Lloyd's Big Adventure (Note: not exact title).