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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Worse than a Cell Phone!

I'm sorry. I don't care how fascinating or important the conversation is. If you have to carry it on in sign language and you are the driver, you need to pull the car over.

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OK. That's a pretty impressive photo-montage. My Internet is funky because the wind is so high but it was well worth the wait. Sometimes I wonder what people are doing at the time they come up with ideas like this.

Driving and sign language? Was the person signing to the passenger in the car? That's worse than a cell phone but much less prevalent I would hope.

Yep, trapped behind a BMW doing 30 in a 40 zone in rush hour and the driver was signing. I assume looking at the passenger and waiting for a response is why they were going sooo slow.

Of course your average BMW driver (who I happen to think are the worst on the road) would have just continued zipping in and out of traffic regardless.

I was so relieved when superpig showed.

Me Too! But then I was sad the wolf got eaten.

I guess I was hoping for some hot wolf/pig lovin'. That didn't involve BBQ sauce.

Super pig stepped on picture pig.

Maybe little Pig morphed into Super Pig?

No, no, Super Pig clearly arose from his home in the ocean.

Yes but it was finally over! I was exhausted watching the chase.

Color me impressed!

I looked at the start and I'm going, I could do this. It's much easier than drawing cells or regular stop motion. Then I said I could never do this.

Wow is that a tiny bathroom. Brigid was rooting for the wolf. She's always on the side of Wile E. Coyote too, come to that.

I'm not quite sure what the Wolf wanted that papier mache pig for anyway. I don't think it was good eatin'.

me too, Road Runner was annoying as hell.

And Jerry too.