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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

I have been and continue to be sick. It's just a cold but it has been sapping my energy and sick days. It's not even June and I only have 30 hours of sick time left. It's not even like I took them all in one go. It's been a day here and there. Yesterday I actually felt much better. I was extremely gross (feel sorry for Jim who sits next to me) but my sinuses didn't feel inflamed and I didn't feel enervated until near the end of the day.

They are repaving the streets in our development so I keep coming home and finding I can't get in my normal entrance (not every day or I would get a clue) so I have to drive around to the other. Tuesday, I then passed all these signs saying no parking until after 5 (I get home at 4). Combined with my ailment I was nearly in tears. Stupid, I know.

I'm just glad there are no emergency PARs for me to screw up while my brain is in neutral. All my projects are ready for RTM.

Mood: sicksick
Tune: "Boudreaux Was A Nutcase" by Austin Lounge Lizards