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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Special Collection

This will come as a surprise but I did watch a movie I enjoyed last night -- why yes, I did go mad at the video rental place, six for the price of four. pilgham and I sat down to watch it and a couple minutes in he made MD join us. It was The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice. We had seen the other two Librarian movies; the first was good enough to make us watch the second which was pretty bad. P thought this was the best of the three.

If you are not familiar with the The Librarian, the Library houses historical and mystical objects, especially dangerous ones. In this entry, it is revealed that the Library has the Holy Grail and Noah's Ark. The Librarian's job is to acquire these objects. In the first ten or fifteen minutes the Librarian, Flynn (Noah Wyle),  acquires the Philosopher's Stone and is dumped by his girl friend. He's so jaded at this point he is more bummed about the girl friend than excited by the Philosopher's Stone. The Stone disappears into the collection never again to be heard from in the story. I love that the Philosopher's Stone is a throwaway just to get the story rolling.

The actual plot token is the Judas Chalice which will bring dead vamps back and make living vamps into uber-vamps. Flynn goes to New Orleans, where there's a pretty girl, a helpful cabby, ex-KGB guys, and the movie doesn't take itself too seriously.

Did I mention that Bob Newhart is the ultimate warrior for the Light?

For the practicing Christians, happy Easter. I'm off to the in-laws myself.

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Did I mention that Bob Newhart is the ultimate warrior for the Light?

Then it must be good!

He's not in it enough, though.

Damn. Then I'm not watching.

I have some trouble envisioning Noah Wylie as an action guy.

Fortunately for the Librarian, the pretty girl has super strength in this outing.

There's a sword fight but really he's more about escaping through applied smarts than brute force.

How'd I miss the trailers for these?

I don't know, how did you?

Maybe because they were made for cable?

Were they the same as Conan, the Librarian?

You're so silly. Conan never wears a tux!

Does so, I've seen him on the news, something to do with California.

I thought that was Conan the Governarian?