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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
More Movie Maligning

Last night's film was Burn After Reading. Watching it made me feel bad about the mean things I said about Spellbound last week.

BAR is about unpleasant people committing adultery. The two least unpleasant people don't survive the movie. There are occasional flashes of humor -- one does wonder when and how Harry, George Clooney's character, imagined his wife would use the the rocking chair with built-in fucking dildo action -- but it is definitely not the "comedic masterpiece" the box claims.

The acting is very good which just makes it worse, takes you into the movie making it an even more horrid experience.

I knew getting a Coen Brothers film was risky but I really liked O Brother, Where Art Thou? Unfortunately, it's the only Coen Brothers film I ever really liked and BAR is nothing like it.

This morning I finally got around to watching last year's The Incredible Hulk. I did think Edward Norton was much better than Eric Bana who never worked for me but on the whole I found the movie incredibly middling. Knowing me, it won't be a surprise that I have some comments...

While I enjoyed the cameos by Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno, they took me out of the movie. And Tim Roth is a tiny man. Or maybe they just shot him that way.

There were a couple of lines that were just wrong. Roth's character, a recent emigrant from the UK, says the Hulk, "...tossed a forklift like a softball." Leaving aside the question of whether the Hulk throws underhand, I don't think a Brit would jump to "softball" for a simile. Later, Tim Blake Nelson's character, the mad scientist -- and he is an awesome mad scientist -- is talking about how precise a dosage of whatever it is he's going to give to Banner has to be and he says something like, "...if we're off by the smallest integer..." I don't think the writer knows what an integer is.

Maybe it's just me, but the Hulk did not look like Edward Norton to me. The features were more regular; he looked more like Eric Bana.

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Who is Eric Bana? And the answer to the integer question is minimum.

Eric Bana is the actor who played Bruce Banner in the 2003 The Hulk directed by Ang Lee.

You know, I thought about watching that.


Come and visit, I am lonely. I am in throes of Heain kimono-making.

I'll see what I can do. How late can I go and miss the Season?

I've been tempted to see BAR. I think I'm cured.

Maybe he meant increment? It's like how people use the term exponential when what they probably mean is geometric or algebraic. I'm not very swift when it comes to math but I'm pretty sure exponential progressions are more descriptive of massive explosions?

I've always felt kind of embarrassed for the Hulk. I don't know why.

Maybe he did mean "increment" but he said "integer". It did occur to me that both bits of dialog could have been "notes" where the producers "improved" the script.

It's always embarrassing when someone loses it in public. That's probably why you feel for the Hulk.

"It's always embarrassing when someone loses it in public. That's probably why you feel for the Hulk."

That must be it. That and the pants. The poor guy always winds up out of control and half naked.

maybe they mis-titled it? Burn After Watching am I rite?

"Watching it made me feel bad about the mean things I said about Spellbound last week."

as well you should!! that film's a masterpiece compared to 50% of what comes out of Hollywood these days. hell, 50% is too low.

No! Be safe; burn before watching!

I will admit that I am much more likely to enjoy a Hitchcock movie than a Coen Brothers film. But I'm still not watching The Birds or Psycho!

Thank goodness you watched that movie, now I don't have to subject myself to it. And I don't have the heart to watch Hulk; I like my memories of cheesy 70's television to remain pure.

Speaking of cheesy 70's memories, one of the DVDs we were watching had a trailer for a Jessica Simpson vehicle called Private Valentine which looked to be a remake of Private Benjamin. OK, maybe that's early 80s but still...