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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Insane Offspring of Two Fandoms!

So I was perusing the Anime Shin-Gen boards which is one of those things that, as an organizer, I should do more of than I do when I saw the link to the link to this:

Ubunchu! The Ubuntu Manga is now in English

You can read chapter one in the adventures of the Sys Admin club and Ubuntu, the Install.

For those who do not speak Computer Geek, Ubuntu is a variety of Linux which is an operating sysyem like Windows XP and Mac Leopard and like them, this particular variant is intended for PCs (Note, as I am not one of those Linux or Mac freaks, I may have a detail or two wrong there).

In other news, which I first heard via jedijenchan, Mandalay Pictures has pciked up the rights to the Full Metal Panic manga:

Mandalay nabs rights to 'Full Metal Panic

FMP is one of my all time favorites. On the one hand, I won't be able to stay away from the cinema, and on the other, I know they will fail at the mix of dark and light that is FMP.

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FULL METAL PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!
Woo-hoo...Kaname=hawt babe...*wolf whistles*...yes yes yes more Ms Chidori...woo hoo
er...i mean...i have always enjoyed the fine mixture of comedy, drama and action associated with this series

Hot Captain!!!!!!!!!!!! YEs yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

I mean...this could be an interesting project to keep watch on.

Commander Kalinin is more my type and I don't have to feel like pedo.

well, i could have mention about going ga ga over the Sargent Major, but she packs to much heat for me

I don't know ... Kaname is pretty vicious with that harisen.

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Yes, but should we be excited in a positive way? Or a negative way?

A computer geek manga? Whee!

The comments left on the thread re: FMP were something less than thrilled with a) the project in general and b) Zac Efron being considered for the lead.

First Avatar and now this! *adopts tragic pose* Is nothing sacred?

Every adaptation get a negative response from the fans, right?

On the other hand, who the heck is Zac Efron?


Looked at his credits and I've seen some of that stuff but I guess he was unmemorable.

Who is Zac Efron?

Four words.

High School Musical/Disney.

Yep, a real acting heavyweight of the creampuff variety. And he looks so totally Asian with the blond hair and blue eyes. *snerk*

At least FMP has a large number of non-Asian characters canonically.

But Sousuke is not one of them. However, Kurz has blond hair and blue eyes.

You know I use Ubuntu for everything. All I do is crash Windows and it (Windows) takes days to re-install. I'm curious as to where ch 2 of the manga will take us; ch. 1 seems to be strictly about the OS and not the club. hmmm

Just a note: I installed the upgrade a couple of weeks ago and it took about 6 hours, only because the program can only download as quickly as the various servers allow. The program goes to a couple hundred different sites to re-instate the software you had. I didn't lose a single file. It was all automatic and all I had to do was click download once.

I look forward to seeing FMP. I've only seen parts of Fumoffu; ( http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/video/81/ ) and I thought it was hysterical. I understand the 'real' FMP is darker. I'm wondering about Zac Efron though. I've never seen HSM 1, 2, or 3, but I'm not sure how indicative they would be of anyone's acting potential. He seemed like he could be kind of intense when I saw him on Graham Norton the other night...

I have been thinking of taking one of our old boxes and giving Linux a try. So far it has just been a vague thought, though.

FMP is the only mecha manga/anime that I really like probably because it's not really about the mecha. And, because I like funny stuff, I prefer Fumoffu but it is all pretty good.

In The Second Raid, Sousuke is told to never contact Kaname again. Later he's wandering around an evacuated Hong Kong and meets a hooker who looks almost exactly like Kaname. I found the episode riveting despite the lack of any action (of any nature). Somehow they managed to get Sousuke's internal struggle on to the screen.

If you want to give it a quick try you can dl the live cd and use it on your current puter w/o it touching anything on your XP. If you do give it a shot on a box you don't need any AV; no virii for Linux.

I bet you like Azumanga Daioh.

I could not sit through Azumanga Daioh. We watched several eps but it didn't go anywhere and there was nothing endearing about the characters.

Strawberry Marshmallow, now, that was funny.

I'm easily amused. It does pick up after a bit but Osaka's accent gets pretty annoying after a while.

*note to self: Strawberry Marshmallow

They have it on NetFlix.