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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Tidy Beer?

I saw this license plate today. Usually I'm pretty good at doping these out. Not this time.

MD guessed "tidy beer". I was thinking "toady bear" but I'm dubious.

I Googled and it might be "teddy bear" but why use only five of the alloted seven letters?

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Maybe because somebody else already took TDDYBR, TEDYBR, TEDYBER, TEDDYBR and TDDYBER?

Do not use your earth logic on me!

Logic? What is this logic of which you speak? On my planet, we use SWAGs.

Sudden brain fart flash. The TDY part could refer to the military initials for Temporary DutY.

Or Teledyne?

Which then lead me to Google BR where one of the first entries was Banana Republic. It just looks incredibly boring, not like back in the 80s before they sold out to the Gap when they had actual surplus and industrial clothing.

Erm...how 'bout teddy bear?

But why only 5 letters? Besides, that's so boring.

Edited at 2009-04-08 10:04 am (UTC)

5 letters...maybe they were trying to save labor and ink. You never know. Boring? Yeah, but I bet the driver's a Mary Sue. Or was he/she a great big hulking wrestler? NOW it makes sense! The driver's a wrestler and their stage name is Teddy Bear!

*goes back to lurking giggling madly*

It is clearly TiDy Your Bath Room!

Letters to live by!

My votes for "tidy bedroom" - the braggart.

I hate those guys.

That's what I was going to say!

I agree with nelson_bannaba. I made up a story in my head about how keeping his/her BR clean got them a vehicle as a reward...which is the only way I can imagine justification of such a plate.

If I'd known they were giving out Lexus SUVs for it, I'd have been living more tidy!

Note: I don't particularly want a Lexus SUV but I could probably swap it for something more desirable.

(Yeah, I cropped out the Lexus badge)