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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Spellbound? Not So Much

So last night's movie was Spellbound. pilgham picked it because MD started majoring in Psych this term and it's about shrinks.

It has a kind of measured beginning with lots of room for snarking like the gaggle of  guys in white coats gossiping like high school girls and when Peck's character freaks out over fork trails in the table cloth it's pretty hilarious. Later, Peck and Bergman are in a clench in their nightwear, the scene cuts to  following a corridor through five doors that open in succession in a highly symbolic way. Except that was not a metaphor for what I thought it was a metaphor for because when they cut back to the clench, Peck is freaking out about the stripes in Bergman's robe which I thought must be long gone.

Once they leave the sanitarium, it improves and I really liked Checkov's elderly eccentric shrink. Plus, it was good that Bergman wears the pants in the relationship with Peck and solves his problem and the murder. I liked that Bergman was actually as capable as she thought she was in her bossy I-know-what's-best-for-you way.

But anyways, I had been reading IY/Kagome all afternoon, angsty fics of the nature of "But you couldn't love a hanyou! Not like that!" so everytime Peck says, "But what if I forget myself and kill you?" I was hearing Inuyasha and when Bergman would respond, "You are not a killer!" I would hear Kagome.

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Sounds worth skipping either way.

We've had worse.

I had a good time but a lot of that was goofing on the movie and guessing the meaning of Peck's dream and who the real murderer was.

Also, P and MD don't necessarily always enjoy my picks in the way I might want them to.

I rented Slumdog and it was good. (Neener)

that was such a...unique movie. I think the best part of it had to be the dream. without cgi and whatnot it's still one of the creepiest things I've seen. it's been a while since I sat through it, but I do recall it got better when they hid in the shrink's house, there were sequences there when we think he might have killed the shrink, edge of my seat stuff.

So do you remember enough to have an opinion on what the corridor with the doors meant when Bergman and Peck were necking?

If it had been later, I would have thought it was Peck's mind unlocking...

hm, wish I remembered it better than I do, I'd have to watch it again. could it be some kind of sex symbol?

That's what I thought at first except after Peck and Bergman appear to be in the same clench they were in before hand. I suppose it could be the post-coital clench ...

I havne't seen it, but I was really pleased that you found ways to incorporate I/K. Go ahead, write the crossover. I'll be really proud when you think of S/K or some alt romance in a movie.

You know my alt is Sess/Mrs. Higurashi!

Sadly, there was no one as magnificent as Sess in the movie.

I'm still waiting for the live-action Inuyasha movie. It could happen.

I recommend Dororo while you're waiting.

where can I see that?

You know, I still get some vaguely disturbed reviews out of that.

Kids wanting to hog the bishies?

Attempting to figure out if it is incest for two half-brothers to marry a mother and a daughter respectively. It isn't, of course, but it gets them worried.

Oh, I've had that, too.

Nobody seemed to mind Ayumi getting stuck with Jaken, though.

I minded.

On Jaken's behalf or Ayumi's?

Jaken has hs own harem waiting for him back home for whenever it is that his obligation to Sesshoumaru ends. I minded on behalf of the harem.