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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

...all those wordy entries on your Friends Page will automatically be cut at the 140-character sweet spot.

Hmmm... 140 characters.... where have I heard that before?

Now LJ will look like Twitter, too!

Edit: The link above is dated 3/31 but I'm hoping for April Fools.

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Can't belive I forgot April fools. Well, didn't forget it entirely, but forgot to check LJ. Yesterday, I told
Ed that when I walked in Anna's classroom to take a forgotten folder, they were watching Southpark. He believed me for a minute.

(I've been complaining lately because I've found out that Anna's class seems to watch movies - Lion King, Pochahontes, etc - a lot. Anytime the teacher thinks it's too wet or chilly for Recess and that's about every other day during the winter/spring. I asked and the other classes have 'indoor recess' and play games, not watch tv. I think Anna's teacher is an underachiever. Probably twitters all day with her boyfriend day from her phone.)

And it sounds like it's all movies the kids have memorized. She's not even trying to expand their horizons.

Maybe she'll move them on to Family Guy.


I was thinking more Totoro or some of the many non-Disney kid movies. Some of them have to not suck, right?

No way, all non-disney movies are crap! Really, I'd like an educational vid thrown in there now and then.

You're such a radical.

I would not be f-n happy, no.