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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Yet Another Chronic Ailment

After weekly blood draws for five weeks, MD went back to the hematologist.

Apparently, she has cyclic leukopenia but such a mild case that the only treatment is to mark it in her medical records so that future doctors don't freak out. I wasn't particularly concerned because she's never been particularly sickly but it is good to know for sure.

Note: My haiku on this for Facebook is my worst one yet.

Current Location: in the good chair
Mood: happyelevated
Tune: Whatever MD has on

she would make the vampires happy due to the ease at which to get her blood.

ok, bad joke, it was the only pg-13 or better joke i could think of

Sorry, not getting why she'd be easier for vampires. She just has periodic low white blood cell counts.

But kudos for keeping the jokes about my little girl clean.

ok, the vampires will have here with beef instead of poultry or fish

Sheeesh. MD can't catch a break-although it being such a mild case is certainly good. Going through 5 weeks of testing, not so much.

Sometimes I have some transient hinky results from blood tests but I think those are due to my SLE. They don't really matter much in the long run and they're here today and gone tomorrow. I'm glad she's feeling well. It's very good to know for sure; some doctors overreact just because they see one abnormal result. I'm sure she doesn't want to have to go through all that hassle again if there's no reason for it.

I'm getting more and more tempted to join Facebook. Just slap me.

Re Facebook:
You just want to point and laugh at my poor attempts at haiku. If you do succumb, look me up.

As I may or may not have mentioned, I only joined out of nostalgia. I heard it was a good place to find people you had lost contact with. Who you actually wanted to regain contact with, I mean.

Aside from that I'm finding it very interesting who friends me. I friend people I care about, such as my SIL, and people I'd like to get to know better, such as P's cousin. So why did that guy who lived across the alley from me for 6 months in 1971 friend me? Or those people who I never actually conversed with in HS?

Re: MD's health, I'm just glad to get this taken care of while she's still on our insurance and will definitely be glad not to have to drive her for a blood draw Friday.

"You just want to point and laugh at my poor attempts at haiku."

Am I really so transparent?

"If you do succumb, look me up."

I've had second thoughts or I definitely would. I can't even use my lj inbox without accidentally deleting half of my entries; I would be tempting fate to get too close to a system that goes through my emails willy-nilly friending people. That and there are so many people I would rather not look me up.

Those haikus are quite a lure though...

Now I have to go look up cyclic leukopenia.

Okay, I probably shouldn't have done that. :(

Don't worry about it. Unless now you think you have all the symptoms?

No, no. My concern is for MD. She's so young. This isn't fair.

That's sweet of you but here we're more upset about the untimely death of Andy Hallett.

And now I have to go look up who that is.

*returns* Oh, lame. It really puts not going to the dentist into perspective. Poor guy.

P got TSS from a root canal. He had to go into the ICU.

Holy crap.

It was right before we got married and we were wondering if we were going to have to have it in the hospital chapel. We didn't want to reschedule because his Gran and Aunt had already come over from England.

But, other than postponing the honeymoon, it all went as planned.

I had to look it up to and it mentioned most cases tend to be mild and benign, which is very good to hear.

Still, as a mom, it must be worrying. Hope it's not freaking MD out.

Mary has better things to be freaked out about and so do I.

But thanks for caring.

Me too, like zombies.

I like to be edumacational

You are edumacational; as I'm not a "Buffy" or "Angel" fan, I had to google Andy Hallett too. Poor guy--33 is awfully young for congestive heart failure.

Yeah. Normally went it's a celeb, even a relatively minor one like Hallett, that age it's suicide or drugs, where you can say, "That won't happen to me."