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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Danny the Dog (Unleashed)

Saw Danny the Dog this afternoon. The movie was fine, not great but OK. The fights delivered. There were credits for wire work but I didn't notice any. I had just two problems.

The first problem was a couple sitting in front of me, and older man and woman and the old biddy just wouldn't shut the fuck up. Firstly, I don't like anyone to talk at the movie. Paul talks. Fortunately he doesn't go to the movies anymore because, ironically, the audiences are so annoying. Its worse when the speakers are hard of hearing because they really have no clue just how penetrating their voices are. I was sitting some distance from this cow but I could hear her, "That's his mother. He's the little boy." I never heard the man so I don't know if he asked her stuff or not.

The second problem was the climactic battle of the movie. It is quite lengthy and very satisfying. At least two bodies go out of windows. There is shooting, lots of shooting. A woman has her shower invaded while she is in it. The cops never show.

In the movie, Danny kills at least one guy and as far as I can tell, neither he nor anyone else is ever brought to justice. I wouldn't of thought Glasgow was quite that lawless.

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Tune: "Eunice Two Step" by Beausoleil