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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Twitting Twitter

I guess I'm still stuck in the last millenium because I do not get Twitter.

I can understand voyeuring out on celebrities and why they would twit but I don't understand why regular folks, and by regular folks I mean me, would post their daily minutia and follow other people's.

Maybe my life is just too slow-paced. It suits me though.

So tell me, why twit?

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why twit?
If yiou are having fun, and stop to twit, then you stop having fun
post in the blog after the fun is over
We do not live a slow life...
we are fast paced. so fast we do not have time to twit until later. Which by that time we can blog

And sort through which pictures to post and which to save for blackmail.

so we can all talk in aolimspeak and never grasp the English language.

I are my thoughts:

I would agree with you except this post was inspired by another LJ friend's post on her use of Twitter. She is literate and her twitters are primarily in English.

As to what teenagers do... you're probably right.


I don't get twitter either. Regarding things to write about, I used to think the same about LJ, but lately I seem to be nattering about here pretty regularly.

Re: twitter

Maybe I don't know enough about Twitter...

It seems to me that a major reason to be on LJ is the communities. You can get together with the like minded to wank aboutcivilly discuss your fandom, or other interest, that bores everyone you know in RL.

I'm now thinking of it as (for me) the equivalent of chat around the water cooler. Some folks are using it for work, too -- e.g., a Brit journalist visiting Seattle who suddenly had some free time & made themselves instantly available.

Also, I'm really liking the space limitation, both for writing and for reading. Maybe I'll become a bit less verbose. [Hey, stop laughing: it could happen!)

Edited at 2009-03-27 06:31 am (UTC)

Or like when I'm out in the driveway and the neighbor is out in his and we mutually say, "Hello. How are you?" and possibly comment on the weather? Except spread wide and more asynchronous?

Never been to the twitter site, so I really don't know how it works, but I can think of one reason to twitter - to stalk your daughter-in-law under a pseudonym!

Really, my sis complained to me last night that her father-in-law was following her on twitter but he is using another name (she recognized his e-mail address). he's, uh, weird.

But is the FIL actually twittering? Or just stalking via your sister's twitters?

The question is why does your sister twitter?


I am certainly capable of twittering into the wind. I'm just not vain enough to convince myself anyone will care.

Twitter is a marketing tool used to facilitate the spotting of trends. Everything posted is public so there is no conflict with their privacy policy which is basically non-existent anyway. They own your user info and the user info is an asset which can be sold under some fairly liberal constraints.

They don't really care that much about the user info, it's the Twittering that has the greater value.

Just my opinion here, but Twitter attracts:

1. The grandiose

2. The insecure

3. Celebs too lazy to make a blog entry

4. Social engineers

5. Marketers.

I should include the innocent curious individuals but I don't think they really count. I see them more as victims of collateral damage. I'll stay stuck in the last millenium with you if you don't mind.

*Kicks back with feet up to watch the show*

Have a beer?


I'm with you all the way. 'Cause the answer is twitting in the wind, ya know.

If I wanted a blow by blow description of someone's boring life, I'd pay more attention to my family.

Re: Luddite

I'm so insanely honest that this never occurred to me before now but you know what could be fun? Instead of twitting one's own boring life RP a more interesting one:

JB007: G expects me to die.

Spider-sama: Cross dressed and added tentacles.

Sure enough, all kinds of stuff comes up when you Google "Twitter RPG".