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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Facebook Blues

I bit the bullet and signed up for Facebook this week. I really don't like it. I always have the urge to write something graffiti-esque on the "Wall".

However, I have connected up with one of pilgham's cousins and that's probably a good thing.

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I have a face book account too. But I never go there. Or is it Myspace... Maybe I never go there because I can't remember where it is.

Well, you know I am a total stalker so I did look for you. Either you are supah-sekrit or misspelled your own name (or I did) or it's on MySpace and I refuse to set key there.

Or you are using a different secret identity.

I don't know. And, what's more, I refuse to look.

Now you have me all curious as to what you may have posted before abandoning the thing. But then I'm nosy like that.

yikes. I have yet to sign up for facebook. scary place as is myspace.

I just don't understand why we need so many technologies to communicate.

As far as I can tell, from my 3 days on Facebook, the object is not to communicate.

Since my Facebook "friends" are people who know me in real life, but not that well, I certainly don't plan to be as naked as I am on LJ.

I just don't like Facebook at all.

I can't keep my rl id separate from my screen name and I'd be crazy to try. I suspect there are more people on Facebook I'd rather didn't find me than people I'd want to find for myself.

But you go have fun!! XD

Heh! We'll see.

I had somebody friend me who I apparently lived across the alley from for 6 months in 1970. Even after he reminded me who he was and I saw a picture I'm still drawing a blank which begs the question of why he wants to keep track of me.

Ewww. Kind of creepy.

I wonder if I could join under an alias and stalk people...I could use my sister's name!

i have a face book also, but i have not been there since my people got Bingo.

I can only handle so many social networks

Bingo is a much more productive way of spending your time.

I wish I had Bingo.

Even I have bingo. Don't you have any Catholics or Jewish people there? In Minnesota the Native Americans have bingo.

And I mean that in a totally non-sectarian way. There just seem to be ethnic and/or religious requirements an organization must satisfy before the state (wherever) gives them a license.

I love bingo.

I think once we got the riverboat casinos the bingo guys started disappearing. But actually, I always lose at Bingo so I doubt I would go.

Drive bys on past entries Bam Bam Bam!

Facebook really is a great way of connecting, but it's so boring once that's over with.

I know why I have friended the people I approached but I wonder about the people who have approached me. Like the guy who knew me for 6 months in 1971 who I don't remember at all.

I was really confused when I kept getting friended by folk until I realized facebook sends out automated friend requests to your entire e-mail addressbook. (me duh)

It wouldn't do the auto thing with my addressbook which was just as well.

I've just been manually looking for people I used to stalk.

One of these days, you might be looking for me then?

I'll get on it.