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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Photo Caption Contest -- May, 13

This week's photo.

Here are the entries:


Phil tried to convince himself, the dating service “Activity Day” was working and once that wave arrived, he would strategically place himself between Max and Sarah and make his move. But still, his gut kept saying, “face it Phil, you’re a dork.”


"Where did the water go?" (Surprisingly, the winner)


Crustal Displacement Theory:  Flakey Pseudo-Science...or  Shocking Reality ?

"I believe it now, mate" - George Wallabie, Australian Geophysicist and self-confessed "surf nut".

"The Earth is beginning to go through tremendous geophysical and climatic upheavals, and the evidence is mounting. Many levels of environmental displacement are taking place. On one level, the pumping of fossil fuels in massive quantities from the crust of the earth is causing the weight of the planet's surface mass to change dramatically. The balance of surface mass is changing so fast that weather patterns must change radically and rapidly as nature makes a desperate attempt to keep the planet balanced. The world's oceans and atmospheric water are the main points of checks and balances for the Earth's surface gravitational stability".

"The distribution of water around the planet has always played a major part in creating stability and balance. However, we are now
witnessing massive flooding like never before (often resulting in the deposit of millions of tons of water in places that normally get very
while in other areas, water is withheld. "

"Why just the other day, me and some mates went out at Koonawonga Beach….

As usual, K is too wordy. Mine sucks. I guess J's is the best by default.

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