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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Musical Lightning, What's Not to Love?

dr_abraxas introduced me to Topless Robot where I saw the awesomeness that is the Imperial March played on Tesla coils:

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Those damn kids and their Tesla coils. They've been playing them all night!


MD thinks marching bands should include Tesla coils.

Brigid watched this with her mouth open and gave voice to her true feelings, "Ne-e-erd!!" she exclaimed.

Perhaps just male?

I thinks she meant the subspecies. She also watched it through twice.

I guess she saw something she liked...

More than likely created and performed by Chicago fannish group called "General Technics". A group long known for its 'dueling blenders' making room party drinks. Their dueling Tesla coils are a new innovation.

It's possible. The ArcAttack site doesn't say anything one way or the other.

Since I did watch the video and snicker at it sometime back, I felt obligated to thank you for getting this version of the song stuck in my head.

Mi video es su video.

Or something like that.

I'll make Ed listen so that I can have share my plight.

The family that mindworms together goes crazy together?

What I got was 30 minutes of trivia about Tesla the great. :) Still betting he's got the TC version of the march stuck in his too though.