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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
February Retrospective

MD saw the hematologist the week before last. Apparently, two results were not conclusive enough so he wrote orders for MD to have a blood draw a week for 5 weeks then come back. Unfortunately, he didn't forward these orders on to her personal physician as he said he would so MD had to nag various doctor's offices by phone. I'm pretty proud of her. When I was her age, all I had to concern myself with was getting a birth control prescription on the QT from Planned Parenthood. I have helped as need as my daytime phone availability is more consistent but she's been doing the heavy phoning.

And MD has her splint off. She's good as new.

pilgham likes chicory in his coffee. Ever since Katrina, he's been worried about his supply going south. Well, week before last, it was gone. He came home in a panic and we had to order some off teh interwebs. Of course, now that Mardi Gras is past, it's back on the shelves. But at least I got a box of pralines out of the deal. I'm eating one now.

GTD -- Still not fully implemented; need to finish rereading the book. MonkeyGTD has been very helpful by putting things down as the next thing to do, I am reminded to do them and then get the joy of checking them off!

PT -- Missed two sessions in February. Once was because C kept me 15 minutes late and I was timeboxed by picking up MD. What I should have done was text MD that I was running late and would text her when I was leaving. Then on President's day I was just home lazy. All in all, I think I did pretty well.

SCWCD -- I scheduled myself to work though a chapter in my text a week. So far, I have adhered to that. Go me!

Office -- No real progress, sidetracked by taxes and conventions and stuff.

Hopefully, next post will be more interesting...

Mood: melancholyretrospective

Copy and paste indeed!

What? If I'd copied and pasted it wouldn't have been such a mess!

Do you have a Vietnamese market in your area? They generally seem to carry chicory coffee, a legacy of the French presence in Vietnam, I suppose. My son in law's mom really likes it too, so I went on a hunt and got her a couple of cans for Christmas.

He doesn't buy it premixed. He gets the coffee he likes and mixes in the chicory. He uses this stuff:

Except, I think he uses one box per two cans of coffee.

I think there must have been some sort of Mardi Gras related run at the market.

P works across the street from the local Mitsuwa and we are awash in Korean grocers but Vietnamese are a bit thinner on the ground.

"P works across the street from the local Mitsuwa" I am so envious. We have a small Vietnamese market with awesomely good produce and a small Korean market, neither of them as big as your average Circle K, 7-11, etc. My closest Mitsuwa is about 40 miles away, closest Marukai is almost as far and it's about the same distance to a big Korean market. There was supposed to be a 99 Ranch market going in about 20 miles from here, but with the slowdown in real estate, that's not going to happen any time soon.

It's mighty handy when he wants bowl noodles. P has become quite the connoisseur.

Though there was this one kind he really liked that Mitsuwa stopped carrying so he tried to order a case online but could only get 7 bowls. He's hoping he just needs to wait for another container.

Don't you guys have Community on your store shelves? I enjoy Chicory as well (though Ed hates it), but generally prefer tea over coffee, so our Community Coffee has gotten pretty stale. Still, if you get desperate again, I have the stale stuff.

I expect the premixed stuff would also have sold out.

Thanks for the offer; next Fat Tuesday we will stop by and pick it up.

Oh I see. My premixed 'stuff' aint good enough!

Not unless you've added something in addition to the chicory?

But why would you want to put rat poison in Plham's coffee?

Just why are you offering me rat poisoned coffee for P?

Um, so what was the secret ingredient you were hinting at then? Cream?

I don't know! I don't drink coffee! Irish Whiskey maybe?

When I can I have the docs write orders for tests on a scrip I can take with me but hematology can get pretty complex. I don't know why they have such a problem forwarding orders; I've yet to figure out whether it's a gap on the sending or receiving end. It's good that MD is able to be so assertive with doctors. Nice weight off your shoulders. I'm not good at keeping track of other people's stuff-not even R's. D:


Dr. Hematologist did write down orders and give them to MD but the local clinic would not accept that. Dr. H had also said he would call MD's personal physician which he didn't do.

MD is not enjoying this stuff (no more would I) but I think it doing it makes her feel adult and capable which helps with the depression.

I have a set of Google calendars for a lot of stuff like all our appointments and MD's class schedule (in order to schedule around it). These nicely sync to my phone. I'm finding, though, that for reminders about calls and such, MonkeyGTD is better for me. Sure Google will send me a text or email or what not whcih I read and forget while MGTD will keep the reminder up until I tell it I'm done with it.[/proselytize]

I looked at Monkey GTD when you mentioned it a few entries ago. It looks awesome! This is stupid, but I'll have to get myself organized before I can use it...sort of a paradox.

The prescribed GTD method is to sit down with every single one of your projects and add them to your system, paper, digital or whatever, at once. I didn't do that.

As previously mentioned, I have MGTD on a thumb drive and between work and play I'm probably at the computer close to 16 hours a day so I just add stuff as I think of them. Once there in, I can reorganize fairly easily at my leisure. Long story short, I didn't start organized but I am now more organized than I was.

That sounds like a plan to me.(: I'll have to try it your way. The MGTD instructions left me a little intimidated. Starting in the middle might be a more do-able strategy. Thanks!

It does help if you are at least somewhat familiar with the GTD terminology: