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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
The Only Way to Fly

This weekend I have been attending this convention. It happens to be less than two miles from my house so I've been going about it a little different than usual.

For instance, yesterday none of the panels at 1PM appealed so I came home and ate my lunch. Even taking my time and having to wait my turn in the kitchen, I was back for the 2:30 panels.

So I saw a woman I knew from junior high and a guy from HS. Was it wrong of me not to approach them?

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As it involved the possibility of inviting them to your home for lunch, approaching them was fraught with danger. You were wise to stay back.

Excellent point!

That sounds like an interesting way to waste away the time.

1.) Why did you have to wait your turn in your own kitchen? In my family, we just trounce over each other in our mad dash for food.

2.) What your costume for the Masquerade?

1) We have a one-person kitchen and I wasn't in that big a rush.

2) Did not participate.

But it was a good weekend. We had all of the ballrooms except Saturday afternoon there was a Bar Mitzvah on one section. The guests for that did not blend.