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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Semi-Random Pudding Picture

On an unrelated note, animealam (Alandrem) claims to be revamping  and continuing Present Time. Despite the cringeworthiness of some sections (e.g. Sesshoumaru's butt sniffing) , the horrible grammar,  and the stewiness of Inuyasha, I've always liked Present Time. I think the OC characters are pretty interesting.

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Wow, for semi-random, that's actually a very interesting picture. Great pose, composition, even the color is good. I love the clutter.

As for Present Time, I still haven't read it even though everyone keeps telling me it's one of the best stories in the fandom. Probably because everyone also tells me it's been abandoned.

Srsly. Great pose and composition. Pudding was a model in a previous life.

I <3 cropping. It's one of the great things about digital photography.

Only time will tell whether the author ever does more than edit the first chapter.

What has Pudding so thoroughly entranced?

Actually, pudding is the species. This individual is Evil.

There's just some buttered bread on a plate but she is convinced we hoard all the good food for ourselves (true) and only feed puddings the orts (also true, except for the orts).

Ahhhhhhh! Comprehension dawns! Around my house, the species is meatloaf. They're all convinced that we hoard all the good stuff for ourselves. Also, they sometimes have Very Odd Notions of what the good stuff is; my step-meatloaf is very fond of bean soup and if I put containers out on the table on the back patio to cool, she will push the lids off so she can slurp it up as fast as her little pink tongue will slurp. The Old Grey Meatloaf won't join her on the table, but he'll lick up any soup that is on the lids that she has knocked down.

Evil is firmly in the cheese camp. If I get a bag of mini-carrots out of the fridge, she comes and lurks, loudly, in the belief it is cheese.

And if you gave her a carrot, just to prove that they're not really cheese, she'd probably sniff then give you The Look that says, "I know that the rest of them are cheese and you are just trying to fool me with this nasty carrot."

Lookit that killer intensity! Reminds you that she is truly only one step away from the jaguar!

I would be thrilled to bits if 'Present Time' were continued, because there was a tremendous amount of inspirational plot devices in that fic.

*whispers* I actually like stewy Inuyasha *ends whisper*

You should see Evil with the red dot.

One of my favourite enduring images from 'PT' was when Mrs. H was driving Inu somewhere (after he'd been shot and was using Tetsusaiga as a cane), and he had to stick his head out the window in true doggy fashion so he didn't get carsick.

I fully suspect that the developers of the laser pointer first realized its true marketablility when one of them showed it to his/her family and the kitteh went wild. THEN they decided they'd better have a 'serious' application to justify all the research dollars because a couple of hundred thousand for a 'pet toy' probably wasn't gonna fly.

Great picture. My mom has a calico, and that creature should be named Evil as well. Or maybe Psycho would be as apt.

God, Present Time. I really loved it, but just glancing over the 'revamped' chapters she has up, I can see there are still grammatical errors in them and they're making me cringe. Still, new chapters? I'm psyched!!

Evil is evil because she gets into stuff. She's actually very sweet natured and keeps giving warnings long after most cats would have descended to violence.

Where did you see the chapters? I thought she only had the one up and, maybe I skimmed it, but I thought, grammar-wise it looked pretty good.

She has up to chapter 8 "revamped" up, just click on the Present Time tag on her sidebar. No new chapters yet. ;_;

You're lucky to have a non-psycho calico, then. My mom's cat is MEAN.

Strangely, those are from February 2006. And she didn't use Present Time on the revised, revised chapter 1. She used "present fic".

That doesn't mean the new chapter won't be a mess...

Present time will be completed? *checks for other signs of Apocalypse*

I didn't say it will be completed. I said the author says it will. But you and I both know what that means... Not a lot.

Phew, I was scared.

My god that's an intense look on Evil's face. I've never heard of Present Time. I'll have to check it out.

It takes total focus to successfully stalk the skittish buttered bread.

Present Time (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1084561/1/Present_Time) is from the dawn of IY fan fic time. The author lives in Mexico so I suspect English is her second language thus the grammar failures which I wade through at least once a year because she has some interesting OCs and a story that is still fairly unique, Kagome is assaulted in present time and while she escapes largely unscathed Inuyasha works with the police to catch the perps.

It sounds worthy of a look if I can remember. I bookmark things and forget to return to them.

I haven't been able to really focus on anything since I gave birth 16 years ago. I bet I could manage the bread.

It was good bread.