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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
An Idyllic Day...

Ate bread pudding with bourbon pecan sauce.

Read the latest Bujold.

Did Chapter 2 of my SCWCD text.

Read more of the latest Bujold. (Downside? I finished it.)

Ate more bread pudding. With more bourbon pecan sauce.

Best thing? My company gives me President's Day off!

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Dammit. I love bread pudding with bourbon pecan sauce. Get it every time I'm in New Orleans. Serious craving now.

And have more of both!

Really, the bread pudding is just a vehicle for the sauce.

What did you think of the Bujold (Horizon, right?) The husband finished reading it a couple of days ago and told me that epilogues irritated him. He didn't like the Harry Potter one either.

Not really into bread pudding, but bourbon pecan sauce sounds very yum!

Yeah, it was Horizon. I didn't care for the epilogue either in one sense (it was a bit depressing) but on the other hand, since the whole series starts because Fawn is pregnant, unmarried and running away from home it is kind of symmetrical to see what happens to the woman Barr "persuaded".

On first reading, I liked Horizon almost as much as #3 which I think was the best of the series. Of course 3 tickled me partly because of research I did for a trip downstate (which we still haven't taken). I'd be reading the book, not realizing it was actually a trip on the Ohio and Mississippi, and think "Hey, that was like that thing!" and then read the afterword and found out there was a good reason for the similarity.

I don't think one eats bread pudding except as a vehicle for sauce. And the saus was tres nummy.

I did like the epilogue; it did tie up some things nicely, but not everything and everyone. It's open-ended, I can imagine Bujold returning to this world sometime in the future to show us what they've been up to. (She has to write some more Vorkosigan stuff first, though. She's working on a new Miles title, can't wait!) Was it the Barr thing that you found depressing? I rather liked the fact that the woman worked things out on her own, and Barr had to just deal with it and grow up.

I have to agree that #3 is the best, though I liked Horizon a lot. Passage is a great journey/travel story, and it got me thinking about early 19th century dudes like Mike Fink (the model for Wain?) that I hadn't thought about since I was in grade school. You should totally take the trip downstate...are there boat cruises down the Ohio/Mississippi one can go on?

I've never looked into Ohio cruises, just the Mississippi. That's an idea, though.

I liked that the woman made her own way and I fully understand and agree with her not wanting Barr around but I was still a little sad on his behalf. But, I guess he's a grownup now.

See, now you're making me feel sad for poor Barr and his lost childhood. (I have a feeling that, resilient as he is, he'll be back to macking on ladies in no time.)