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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
ACen Report -- Saw Lots of Cosplayers

I am such a wussy fogey. Mary got home from school and we were out of the house by 3:30, making it to Rosemont around 4. The parking lot at the Hyatt was full. The attendant told me, "It holds 6000 cars and its full. One room had 10 cars." I don't know where she got that from or if she was just surmising but that meant I had to go park in the Convention Center lot which meant a hike with our stuff. I was glad I hadn't let Paul convince me to bring Big Wheel, a laptop so large you have to set it on a desk.

My original plan had been to leave our stuff in the car until we registered and made a stab at the Pillows tickets. Parking way to heck and gone away put paid to that so we gathered our stuff and set out. We walked through the Convention Center to the Hyatt, passing all kind of badged cosplayers going the other direction but seeing no signs regarding the convention. At the Hyatt, I saw no signs for registration so I stopped a nice young gofer (have I mentioned that anime conventions skew much younger than SF conventions? I am mid range at Windycon but at anime conventions, my age is probably more than double the average.) who said registration was back in the Convention Center and the line was about 2 hours long. Unless we preregistered in which case it was only half an hour long. We preregistered but the Pillows tickets were looking pretty dubious.

I was ready to go home, too many people, too much hub-bub. I went to Chicon-4, a world-con, and I don't remember it being like that. Maybe I was just younger and more tolerant, then. Mary wanted to stay so we went to look for the hotel registration 'cause I wasn't carrying all our stuff back. By the time I found hotel registration Mary had conceded as well.

I parked her and the luggage at the drop-off and went to fetch the car. On the way I called Paul, "Cancel the hookers."

"I'll lose the deposit," he says after a bit. I explained we were coming home for no real reason. Got back to the car and found I'd left the keys witrh Mary. Fortunately, the street route was shorter than the convention center route.

Anyways, eventually we got out of there. So last night Mary played AO and Paul and I watch Naruto 133, a Get Backers, and a Card Captor Sakura. Then we watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. I had a very pleasant evening.

Mood: puny