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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Jargon Ahoy!

My boss, R, likes metrics. I like metrics. We have been in a slow period so I have been working on an application that combines code coverage, a good thing, with complexity, a bad thing, to highlight methods that might need further tests or refactoring.

This application combines the output from Emma, a code coverage tool, and JavaNCSS, a tool that proveds many stats including cyclomatic complexity. Heretofore, I have just been calling the app "the Mashup" but I was going to put it under version control and decided I needed a snazzier name. I have been calling the new metric "weighted complexity" but that's awfully long. "WC" is short but has connotations I do no care for though, since I stole the calculation from Crap4J, sort of appropriate.

So I called in the heavy guns, pilgham, by email.

P: Funcity?

O-7: We have methods not functions.

P: MethLab?

O-7: I like it but I'm not sure it is workplace appropriate.

P: Crockpot?

O-7: ...

P: It's a cool word.

P: Knotscape?

I went with Knotscape which I think goes well with other tool names (Emma, Crap4J, Panopticode, Clover). The actual metric is still WC, though.

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Mood: crappymy knees hurt

Your poor knees and those are terrible names.

This is what happens when you have engineers name stuff. Or everything has a Simpsons/Star Trek name.

*chortle* I rather liked 'Mashup'!

You could've also gone with a variation on 'George' to go with the Jane Austen-ish 'Emma', or 'Honey' to go with 'Clover' if you wanted to sneak in a manga ref.

I was afraid if I stuck with "Mashup" someone would officiously inform me that it wasn't.

Emma might be a manga/anime ref all on its own.

i kinda like Methlab:)

I mentioned it at work today to positive response but I think if I'd tried to use it I would have been shot down.

When I make my own open source thingy I'll use it.

LOL. good use of it then

How about EmmaBeans? Some obscure play on the java and coffee...

Accountants probably shouldn't name stuff, either.

Silly Lavender! A bean is something specific in Java and all of the other engineers would have pointed at me and laughed in a derisory manner.

Oh! You didn't know Java has beans?

My knowledge of java extends as far as knowing it's not a cup of coffee. No more.

And yet, oddly, accountants refer to themselves as 'bean counters'.

What do you think accountants should call themselves?

Have you ever read any of the Vorkosigan books by Bujold? On Barrayar, the highest office below the Emperor is Imperial Auditor. And the Counts aren't called "Count" from counties but because they are descended from the imperial accountants/tax collectors. Apparently, being the tax collector in a feudal society is a full contact occupation.

I'm pretty bad at picking names. I like Knotscape, it has kind of an RPG world feel to it.

Then again, I liked Crockpot as well until I read Knotscape.

I'm only familiar with the tools I live with/near so I have no frame of reference. I really only stopped by to say hi! :)


I'm only familiar with the tools I live with/near so I have no frame of reference.

I'm sure they are less useful.

Edited at 2009-01-31 12:04 am (UTC)